I bought a V2R “Blend Tone” Electrolysis equipment for my personal use at home. I found that it is very painful, time consuming and not very easy to use on yourself. I called the rep from Global Electolysis Supply company to see if I could return the equipment and to recommend another equipment for personal do-it-yourself permanent hair removal. She recommended microlysis (Micro 1000 machine) because you can treat up to 3x3 inches at a time and it is non-invasive and painless. I wanted to know if anyone else has used this equipment and what they think about it? Also who distributes the microlysis equipment and where can I buy it other than Global Electrolysis Supply? How effective are the treatments and can you see results right away? Is this treatment painfree or uncomfortable? Any side effects experienced using this equipment?
Thank you in advance for your feedback

The main side effect will be that it won’t work, just like your V2R machine. Avoid Global Electrolysis Supply, they only sell scams. See: