Microlysis by Microtec (WARNING!)

Readers in the UK should be aware of a new unproven device being promoted in your country. Microlysis is supposedly a “revolutionary system of non-invasive, permanent hair removal” that’s “completely painless.”

These devices have been widely available under numerous names over the years, with no published proof they can work as claimed. These devices are frequently sold to hairdressers for add-on services at their salons.

Any hair removal device that claims to be “painless and permanent” is a scam.

Contact information:

Micro Technology International Limited
Mulberry House
PO Box 123
Henley on Thames
Oxon RG9 5YS
Tel: 07000 557557
Fax: 07000 558558
Email: sales@microtecuk.com


The same type of device also suppoosedly causes weight loss and body contouring under the names Microslim and Microlift.