Hi Guys as most know I’ve been having treatment for over a year now will be 14 months when I go in end of this month.
So I’m going like every 6 - 8 weeks now really just to keep on top of any pesky ones popping up nothing serious, but getting my upper lip done in process to make most of time.

A friend of mine has been having Microdermabrasion and you can see a nice glow to her skin now. I previously read that this was a no with electrolysis but was wondering with the gap between my sessions now ? Is it OK as long as I left at least 2 weeks before or after any electrolysis sessions.

I’m now 31 and would like to start looking at addressing fine lines that have now appeared in my 30’s.
Is there any other treatment that people think are better?
other than botox / fillers. Do not have the funds for these and do not feel that they are warranted at present.

Cheers x

Topical retinoids get a good rap.

Hi Helen,
Microdermabrasion is a good treatment for some people as with everything. If you find a place using professional machine, DermaGenesis for example, you can get a very effective exfoliating treatment which triggers a healing response and a temporary improvement to the skin’s appearance. 2 weeks either side of electrolysis treatment is usually fine, but if you have scabbing or the the skin hasn’t completely healed on the surface following electrolysis, you shouldn’t have microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion should not be carried out on skin that is prone to break outs and acne.
Topical retinoids bring even better results and also give you more flexibility, but I wouldn’t recommend while still having electrolysis treatment. You need to be very aware of the before and after periods, the thickness of your skin, any changes to sensitivity etc, to be safe. Your skin will change the way it reacts to the current. I would advise you to talk to your electrologist and see what skin treatments she is comfortable combining electrolysis with.