Michael Bono

Hey all, I was looking for some information on Michael Bono. Does anyone know how he is related to Sonny?

According to James he is (see below), and he’s a darn good electrologist.

Michael R. Bono RE
23 Hitchcock Way, Santa Barbara, CA 93105
(805) 682-4627

I wonder what his rate per hour is, I mean the guy seems to be the mecca of Electrology.

Don’t call him to ask his relationship to Sonny. He is his brother. He and I are friends, so you can trust my info on that. Strangely enough, this is also information that one could have found using the search feature on this site. Wow, isn’t this the fount of information? :smiley:

Sonny Bono’s wikipedia says he only had two sisters. Is Michael a TS?


You can’t trust all you read on Wikipedia. Citations are important. Besides, I don’t see why any personal information needs to be discussed here. Protecting one’s privacy is respectful in every sense of the word.

Well, you all DID give me a nice laugh — thanks. I had not seen any of these posts about “son.” His father and my father were cousins … so; I don’t exactly know what that makes me. His family was from Detroit (if I remember correctly) and mine was in Syracuse. Somehow, Southerners have these “second cousins” and “kissing cousins” … or something like that. Just “cumbas” in my case.

I do know that my “cousin” made the best spaghetti sauce and we had great times when he had the restaurant in LA, and his secret home in Oxnard. “Those were the days my friend … ” I never understood why he was a Repulican? (Well, actually I DO know and the answer would surprise the Republicans.)

Ha! Thanks Michael. Dee, they did a study, and Wikipedia had fewer errors for everything they looked at in comparison to some encyclopedia. Anyway, so this fact was correct it seems.

Michael, no offense about the privacy thing. I assume you and James do not get “hurt” when we talk about you here:-)

Well, that’s good to know about wiki. Thanks, tembo, my friend. I was actually more focused on your last question to Mike that wasn’t answered. Knowing James, nothing upsets him - total calmness mixed with laughter.

“I wonder what his rate per hour is, I mean the guy seems to be the mecca of Electrology.”

Gosh, I just read this … now THAT IS FUNNY!

The “Mecca” is quite ancient history. Rate is $70 per hour. And, just holding on by the “skin of the follicle.” I hate “going into telogen,” but it looks like my time is coming!

Not sure which Q to answer: No, I’m not TS … but that’s an interesting idea (God I would make a frightening woman. It’s this gigantic chin). Do I get upset … almost never; only a few times per day, actually. But I have a bad memory, so I get over things quickly.

I am not hurt at all.
After all, there are plenty of people in my family who call me their brother, uncle, or cousin, only to find out that when the legalities are untangled, our strictest relationship might be described as cousin by marriage, or sibling by choice - but we were raised together, or perfect stranger whom I just happened to raise from birth.
When Chaz referred to him as “Uncle Mike” and Mike referred to her in the same way previously, that was good enough for me. I never would have grilled them to ask, Oh, yeah, well what about the bio’s that say otherwise? (especially since I know other people who knew Sonny from all the time he spent in Buffalo where Mike lived and have the pictures to show for it)

So am I hurt? Naw. Do I look silly? Its one of my jobs.