Mesa: Select Electrolysis

Select Electrolysis<br>
Katy Auna
<p> 1855 E. Southern Ave. <br>
Ste. 213 <br>
Mesa, Az. 85204-5242 <br>
<p>480- 545-7668<br>
<p> Office Hours:<br>
Tuesday thru Saturday: 9am-6pm
<p> Rates:<br>
15min.-$20; 30min.-$32; 60min.-$50

Description of Practice:<p>

[li]Thermolysis and Blend methods offerred in a private & professional manner. [/li] [li]Strictest sterilization and disposable probes always used. [/li] [li]Special options for the sensitive client. [/li] [li]Certified Professional Electrologist. [/li][/LIST]