Mercurochrome / Merbromin antiseptic

Apparently, this antiseptic is not available in the US anymore, but I was wondering if anyone had experience using it to speed up electrolysis healing. Anyone remember this stuff?

Isn’t mercurochrome the red stuff that burns when applied?

Seeing the name just brought back these horrible memories of using the little glass dabber (from the bottle) to apply it to scratches and cuts - then blowing on the injury to cool it off! I’m surprised it didn’t kill us!

I would think that if the product is even available, the electrology consumer would not want to apply it, as it does stain like straight iodine.

In my practice, I have the best luck with a combination of witch hazel and wintergreen alcohol. Clients like it and often use it at home, too.

From what I read, it’s 98% alcohol (explains the burning), 2% mercury… It’s just one of those “old-fashioned” medicines that haven’t been widely used in my lifetime (like benzedrine inhalers), and I was just curious about it… Thanks for the info!

2% mercury? Well, there is one reason not to use it!

it’s 2% merbromin, which contains an atom of mercury. Not QUITE as bad, LOL. It’s old fashioned and there are lots of modern antiseptics just as good.