Mens Leg Hair Removal



I have posted extensively on this forum before, but I think it’s time to shed some light on men’s leg hair removal. I have shaved my legs for over 16 years now and lived in 3 countries where nothing has ever been said about it.

Possibly it is because I am blond haired and most people expect a blond guy not to have strong leg hair (contradiction). Well in fact I have had several compliments on smooth legs.

I understand I am not the fittest or the most well build guy around, but I can look better with smooth legs. Even my son has started shaving his legs. I never encouraged this but he feels it looks cleaner and better.

I do know this: Taking a shower is faster and (I think) cleaner with smooth shaved legs. It would (again my opinion) be better if more guys did this. Also armpits which I find disgusting in a gym with sweat globules clinging on.

Anyway I would welcome some feedback on the subject.



Hi, I agree with you about the smooth feeling and the easier cleaning. I’m not really wedded to my leg hair, but I do appreciate the look. Or rather, I appreciate a less dense look than I have now, a “soft” one… And I’d like to be able to shave if I feel like it and not have friends/family/strangers give it a second thought. Maybe I’ll end up having it all removed if it becomes more accepted, but not right now. I will probably do something to reduce it after I have the rest of my “work” done.

This summer I’ve noticed quite a few smooth legs, so I think the look is catching on. But I have not paid attention to men’s legs ever before, so it might just be anecdotal bias.

I want to live in a world with acceptance of all looks, so right now we probably need more acceptance for the hairless legs look on men. But I think we’ll get there soon given how men in popular culture are now almost completely hairless anyway. And after that we might need to work on our attitudes toward hairy men (and women) again.


Joheu, forget what people think and do what makes you comfortable. I started shaving since my 20’s and of course progressed to the epilator and now to Flash N Go. I mean I was removing hair all that time and feeling embarrassed about it, why? Just because we think society expects us guys to be hairy beasts. No, believe me is not true. I have never been confronted about hair removal or laughed at.

I go from mustache/beard to my toes with hair removal. I suffered enough with bug bites and itching/scratching from hair. It does not like me and I hate the sight of it. People are accepting of this as they know I will not push any of my ways on anyone and I am just a little different. My woman also accepts all this and understands so I am also lucky in that respect. Of course when I was on the dating side, years ago, I never had any problems either. People generally see us for who we are on the inside and not how we look on the outside.

So, I say be comfortable with yourself, do what makes you feel right. Why? It rubs off on people. When people see you are truly happy with who you are and what you want to do, they are so easy to be around. It took me way too many years to understand this, so I just hope you come to understand this quicker and wish you the best in whatever you decide.

Stuart, awesome! Is the way! I feel much cleaner, less itchy and so comfortable in whatever clothes I have to wear. Since I started this path to try and completely rid myself of all facial and body hair, I have not been happier. I have yet to see any negativity on it as most everyone sees I have a more positive outlook these days. My spouse accepts it, so why not? Wearing a long sleeve shirt no longer feels terrible. Bug bites? I itch a little and stops bothering me within an hour or two. Before with hair could be days! So you bet I have good reason to be done with that kind of life!


Thanks for the reply. Very true about confidence, I think many underestimate that part and how much better you feel when you are satisfied with your look. Your experience is encouraging with regards to lack of reactions. I’m not really that worried about strangers, I’m more worried about what the people who know me would think if I went all smooth on legs in particular. Because those would notice the change instead of people who I’ve never met just accepting it.

I’m aiming for a reduction on legs, but that will be after I get some other major areas done. I’ve heard people describe how much work it is (especially with electrolysis), so I’m going to take one area at the time and not stress myself or whoever is treating me.

I enjoy reading about your experiences, so I hope more people will share.


I have been shaving my legs since puberty. When I was younger, I was fearful of the reaction and only did it infrequently.

Now, as an adult I do it every other day or so and no longer ashamed at all. I have also progressed to shave everything below the neck. When I look in the mirror, I love the smooth pre-pubescent look. It’s liberating and I feel great.