Men's Fitness Article

Men’s Fitness has an article in the October issue about hair removal. Nothing really earthbreaking in it. They claim that IPL is the latest, greatest, permanent hair removal method. They say it is faster, more efficient, and covers a wider area in a given period of time. They also say that, since it uses a wider range of wavelengths, that it is effetive on a wider range of hair and skin types.


The article makes another good point about why hair removal is desirable. Body hair is a great breeding ground for bacteria and odor.


Thanks for the post, RJC!

Anecdotal evidence from consumers suggests IPL causes more side effects and may not be as effective, but there’s still a lot of work to be done.

IPL has been a satisfactory solution for many consumers.

From what I have read in the forums IPL is certainly not any better than laser. It does work for many people. I’ve seen no evidence that it works better on lighter hair and darker skin.

My practitioner says that IPL is more likely to damage the skin.

I am curious to hear more about that IPL/RF combination that was just approved by the FDA.