Men "Taking it all off" in Tucson
Monday, August 2, 2004
Taking it all off
More men are opting to have body hair removed through laser procedures for a sleeker look.
Tucson Citizen

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reported that in 2003 laser hair removal ranked second in nonsurgical cosmetic procedures for men (after Botox injections), making up 25 percent of the 227,990 clients. In the 19-to-34 age group, laser hair removal was No. 1.

“Permanent hair removal is increasing in popularity with males because many want to take advantage of looking good,” said Dr. Robert Dryden, who has the new Candela Gentle YAG laser hair removal machine for his offices at the Arizona Centre Plastic Surgery, 1241 N. Wilmot Road.

Anita Pierce, owner of Self Esteem European Skin Care Studio at Aesthetic Surgery of Tucson, 5585 N. Oracle Road, also believes it’s Hollywood’s doing.

Mary Bradley, a laser technician at Affordable Laser Tucson, 1600 N. Kolb Road, said the studio gets 18 to 60 male clients a month who usually want the hair removed from their chests, backs, necks, faces and shoulders. The studio uses the Candela Gentle LASE Plus machines.

New Looks Laser Center, 6602 E. Grant Road, which uses the Fotona YAG Laser. Owner Hadeel Arney said it works well on darker skin.

The procedure takes from a few minutes (upper lip) to a few hours (back and shoulders). The cost ranges from about $39 to $100 for the upper lip, to $239 to $1,000 for the back and chest.

Here are just a few of the offices and skin-care studios offering laser hair removal:

Arizona Centre Plastic Surgery, 1241 N. Wilmot Road; 722-0909.

Affordable Laser Tucson,1600 N. Kolb Road, Suite 212; 722-4444.

New Look Laser Center, inside Plaza Elite, 6602 E. Grant Road; 886-1269.

Self-Esteem European Skin Care Studio, (Aesthetic Surgery of Tucson), 5585 N. Oracle Road; 887-7301.

Advanced Laser Clinics of Tucson, 7070 N. Oracle Road, Suite 212; 544-0477

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