Men shaving armpits


I am from mexico and I have been reading about men who shaves their armpits. I am looking foward on trying it. But here in Mexico will be like a girly stuff. How is in the Sates? In Europe is trendy…

I know their have been some post before about this, but no one has continue with the coments… Ifsome mexican guy see this post also coment abou it.

For those guys that all ready are shaving could you please tell us the best way to do it. I tryed just in very small area and you can see the black spots, they look weird. Is going to be itchy???

Thank you

PS. Sorry for my bad english

Shaved armpits not a big deal here at least where I live. My electrologist says a lot of guys are having their armpits done.

When you shave, there is less body odor, you use less deodorant, and there are no perspiration stains on your shirts. Most importanly, it feels great!

Git 'er done! You won’t regret it.