Men - post your success stories.

There is alot of negativity on these boards, people complaining about poor results. I’d like to hear some long term success stories.

E.G What were your goals - reduction or removal, areas treated etc.

It would be good to see some people give hope to others out there.

Hi, yes…I’m male, caucasian, dark brown hair.

I had laser treatment around 1998 when it was still relatively new (can’t remember the name of the laser). I had my groin and scrotum done with great results. So much so, my wife went and had her pubic area done.

In 2004 I wanted to have more hair in the groin area removed as well as my underarms and legs. The clinic I went to uses an Aurora laser. I had 4 treatments on my groin and underarms and 6 treatments on my legs. I wasn’t expecting to have complete hair removal on my underarms - just enough so shaving once/week would be sufficient (it’s easy to shave and I didn’t want to spend more money than necessary). Overall I’m very pleased with the results. I’m also very happy with the results on my lower legs but do plan on going back for more treatments on my upper legs. For now, I’m getting it waxed once/month.

In terms of cost and effectiveness I am a real laser fan.