Men of Indian origin (the country in Asia & not Native American!)


I am of North Indian origin (skin that is probably a 4 on 1-10 scale, with 1 being fairest and 10 being darkest), and I have very dark terminal hair that I doubt laser can treat well after reading so many negative testimonials.

Anyway, I am interested in hearing from other Indian men (or for that matter, even hairy Greek, Iranian, Armenian, Azerbaijanian men since we look similar) who have had success with permanent hair removal using electrolysis or other types of treatment.

James Walker or other experts - have you had patients from India successfully treated? I am mostly intersted in beard reduction (not complete beard removal), eyebrow trimming and monobrow separation as well as possibly some work on shoulders and lower back.

Thank you for your time.


Electrolysis is very effective on eyebrow, shoulder and back hair if you go to someone good. The darker your skin, the better the person needs to be, though. Beard hair is much harder to do, and it will take a lot more time and requires a lot more skill. Be sure to go to someone with plenty of experience, especially experience with clients whose skin is as dark or darker than yours.


I have successfully treated people of Indian, Middle Eastern and South American origins.

Fino Gior has successfully treated people from any origin you can name (he has been at it for 45 years you know)

The biggest problem with work on people like yourself is that what you have is dark vellus hair, or dark accellerated vellus hair, or like one lady I treated, Long clear, or blonde vellus hairs. These require very high magnification to make the follicle opening clear enough for treatment.

I would suggest seeing a practitioner who utilizes either a stereo microscope, or a video magnification system. The insertions will be more sure, and the treatment that much more effective, because they won’t be guesssing as to where the follicle is, and they will be able to use a larger probe. Larger probes will make the treatment both more comfortable, and more effective.


Hi John Walker,

I already went to Mary Federico in Cleveland for my first treatment as you recommended. She used a “steady state” machine in her own words. I am sure there was no video involved. One day after the operation on the back of my neck, I still have visible swelling and redness. Is that a bad sign? Please read my detailed description in another thread regarding Cleveland electrologist.
Thank you.