Men - how long for regrowth between treatments and what percentage.

I am trying to compile info on men who have been treated for backs, arms, etc. I am not at this point concerned whether or not LHR is permanent. What I am looking for is how long the regrowth took between treatments and what percentage. If I can go for LHR for 4 treatments per year and maintain at least 60% reduction between the 3 month periods, I would be happy. After your last treatment, what percentage of hair did you have after 1 week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 8 weeks, 10 weeks, and 12 weeks? Thanks in advance for your help.

after 2nd treatment took 4-5 weeks. Had 2nd treatment 4-5 weeks ago and have only had regrowth in missed areas. Look at my post - consulations with coolglide for more infomation.


First you have to know that noone can guarantee a permanent hair removal but a “permanent hair reduction”. We are treating males with IPL system in 3 sessions, 3 weeks in between each sessions. The results that we observe are: No hair for 3 1/2 months and around 30% back thereafter. These 30% are treated in 2-3 more sessions. From our experience, treatment with an IPL system will guarantee you to be hairfree for at least 3-5 months. Some people may advise you to get your treatments done with a diode laser but as a laser manufacturer and using all kind of lasers in our clinic, the best and fastest results we noticed are using IPLs. Any good IPL will do the job as long as you find the right clininc with the right technician.
Good luck

For me, 50% back hair reduction after 1 treatment with Apogee alexandrite. 70% after 2 treatments, and 90% reduction after 8 treatments. Reduction remained stable at 90% after 2 years with no laser treatments.

After 4 treatments I switched over to the Lightsheer diode. There was better results on finer hair, because compression and higher fluences could be used.

For me maximum regrowth was visible 2 months after the treatment, it never increased after that.


Rjc just wondering how hairy your back was before
laser treatments, mine was as bad as it gets, thick
dark pubic hair that connected from my back to my chest.
hardly any bare spots. Im trying to figure out why it
didnt work for me, im pretty sure all lasers out there
will give me the same lousy results, if I could get
treated with a diode or ipl and was able to get treated
every month for a year i will donate some more money.
Any techs work around the st louis area, already
had 20 treatments 8 gentlelase 12 apogee

thank you

rcules? have you explored underlying medical issues that might be causing this much growth? if you have that much, i can’t imagine it be only hereditary…

medicam, treatments every 3 weeks is way too often. hair should only shed 2-3 weeks post treatment. then, there should be a hairfree period for a few weeks until dormant hairs come out. what are u treating at 3 weeks?

also, there haven’t been any posts from male consumers who had their backs treated with IPLs who actually have a permanent reduction like RC2001 for a while. Most of those have most hair come back after IPL treatments I’ve noticed from these forums, so they end up doing it over and over again. “Reduction” doesn’t mean that you can’t kill a hair follicle and have it not come back. It just means that laser can’t kill ALL hair. There is a diminishing results point you reach with laser when remaining hair gets too fine to be killed with laser.


what were the settings used with the apoggee on yr back?