Has anyone ever used Meladine to target lighter hair for LHR? It is supposed to help aid removal with people with blonde facial hair. :wink:

What is MELADINE ? There is more junk on the internet on any subject you want to persue. The problem is everybody is ANONYMOUS and there is no way to check the truth of statements made here. Even Andrea states she can not be resposible for what is posted. There is a lot of good information here but there is also a load of VOODOO about the biology and chemistry of hair.

All hair consists of protein. The coloring (melanin) is also protein. It will dissolve when covered by lye. There is absolutely NO DIFFERENCE between blond hair and darker shades except for the amount of melanin. There is NO CHEMICAL that will destroy blonde hair without destroying darker colored hair and visa-versa.

Next year (2005) there will be a home laser approved by FDA (it is currently being used by a huge cosmetic dermatology practice in the Boston area and was on television too). It will be cheap when compared to professional lasers, however, they will try to sell it for as much as they can get. It will not have the same power as a professional laser, consequently, the light will not penetrate the skin to the depth needed to destroy the follicles. It can BLIND people who do not use it correctly. All you will get is a “laser shave”, but it will sell. Buyers will have to use it as often as they currently shave the areas treated. They will get a sharp sting each time they use a laser pulse. There will be no cooling device attached to keep the price down. Si9de effects will include redness from the heat, whereas, there are no side effects from shaving. They will be “sucked in” by the fact it is NEW. Newer does NOT mean BETTER as we have heard from people here who were treated with a laser and had the hair regrow when treated with POWERFUL PROFESSIONAL MACHINES. We live in a society that believes “newer is better” and everyone wants the NEW MODEL. Too bad for this, however, it is advertising and publicity that is paid for to be included in publications with a large circulation. Readers think they are getting “news” but it is all paid for by publicists whose job is to keep it in the eye of the public. We are a society of “screwers and screwees“ and this is an example of another gadget that will be pawned off on the public by doctors who get paid by the manufacturers. GOOD LUCK

Meladine has been around for a few years. It is a topical solution applied over a period of weeks prior to treatments with Laser. The theory is that it dyes the actual root of the hairs, making light hair dark (as if it had lots of melanin for the laser target), thereby turning a lousey laser candidate into a more optimal one. Being a poor candidate for Laser myself, I looked into this Meladine, and from what I’ve gathered it really is a lot of hype, and very few ethical doctors have anything positive to say about it. Some people claimed it helped a little bit, but I’m not impressed. I have been using the latest technology for my difficult hair color. It is a machine called the Aurora, and so far I am very enthusiastic.