Medlite vs. coolglide

Okay…so I made my appointment next week for the first bikini laser hair removal with my dermatologist. I asked her if they had the coolglide laser and she said it travels 'round between their offices but they had the medlite also. She said they are all work the same, but have different bells and whistles. In your opinion and experience…should I hold out for the coolglide or just go with the medlite. I’ve read that the medlite isn’t very effective and was just meant for tattoo removal even though my doctor is telling my otherwise. I don’t want to waste money here. The derma charges $150 - $200 per visit for the bikini area, depending on how much you want off. Any help and/or thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!

I should probably add that I am a Type I…very pale…never tan and my hair color is probably very light brown.

Is the medlite laser or IPL? If laser, what kind? Alex, Nd:YAG or diode?

Since you are light skinned with dark hair, you should get very good results with a diode or even an alexandrite laser. With the alexandrite laser, the hairs will often pop out of the follicles immediately, which I found to be very cool!


This is from the manufacturer’s website:

Medlite IV Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser for Aesthetic Applications.

Is Yag better or worse than diode?

This is from my derma’s website:
The Medlite IV laser produces a burst of light energy that passes harmlessly through your skin and targets your hair follicles. Your skin will not be damaged, but the damage to the hair follicles will delay future growth for several months or longer.

“delay for several months or longer”??!!! I sure hope it’s longer than that.

Thanks! Any help appreciated.

Coolglide is an excellent laser, but is painful. As for Medlite IV, Q-Switched lasers are more suitable for tattoo removals and not hair removal.