Medication question


I have been diagnosed with PCOS but i do not have a hormone imbalance. My doctors think that i am just much more sensitive to testosterone than normal people. So im a little confused now, if i go on diannete or diane35 will this help me. And if i do not go on any medication will new hairs still grow.

I’m not too keen to be on medication for the rest of my life if my hormone levels are normal and the hair growth my only symptom of PCOS. I would not be taking this medication for any other reason that reducing the hair on my face and body. And when i stop taking the it will all my hair re grow? So would it be better to just continue with electrolysis without medication?

Thank you to anyone that can help.

I live in the UK and no one seems to know that answers to these questions.


In most cases the medication would not remove or thin out any of the hairs you already have. You would have to have electrolysis to remove them one way or another.

If you took the medication, you would stop producing new hairs during the time you were on the meds, but when you discontinue taking the pills, you would start making new hairs again.

Now on the question of daily pills vs electrolysis alone, you have to do the electrolysis to get clear skin either way, so that is not different. Once you are clear, if you are not taking the meds, you would then do a maintenance program to keep your face clear. This would not be all that much of a problem for most people, because most people are only recruiting something like 3 to 5 hairs per square inch per 3 months. You could simply have 3 to 4 visits with your electrologist a year (although for the rest of your life) but those appointments might be 30 minutes or less each time.

I think I would rather have 2 hours a year of electrolysis than taking pills every day for the rest of my life. But that is just me.

Thank you so much for you reply.

You have summed up everything i was feeling. However my doctors think i am mad for not wanting to take any medication at all.

But i’d prefer to have more electrolysis now and know that i am not going to start developing new hair when i come of the meds.

Thank you again

You do have control here. If you want, you can wait until you are done with your initial 9 months of electrolysis before you do the medication. It really doesn’t matter at this point.

When you have a good 3 clearances behind you, if you choose to then take medication to keep the body in check from recruiting new hairs, then you will not need to spend the rest of your life doing 3 to 4 treatments per year. Of course, some people would find the electrolysis to be cheaper, and less hassle based on the greatly reduced frequency of attention to the details of treatment. Four times a year vs. everyday pill taking, and monthly pill prchasing and making sure that you always have the pills on time, and take them with you on vacation.

Good luck in what ever you do.