Medican Really works ? I need help, please

I Would like to talk to someone how bought any product of Medicam ( MD50 or MD100)


its a scam don’t do it! search here for Medicam and see what you find

How can you say it’s a scam? Don’t you read messages posted by Andrea? We no longer distribute the quazar line! OUr new units are highly professional devices and if you need to, please call me at the office and i’ll be more than glad to give you customer references and phone numbers in Canada and USA.
MD-50 and MD-100 are very powerful units. MD-100 compares to the lightsheer. We upgraded almost all our quazar customers by the new MD series and all customers are happy. So please, check before sending warnings. This is really not fair and honest!
Thank you,

Hi Lulia,
Please call us at the office and we will give you references of customers using Professional MD series Diode lasers and IPL systems newly introduced by Medicam. We’ll give you their name and phone numbers here in Canada and in the USA. The only thing we will ask you in return is to post whatever answers you’ll be given by them. Only the truth.
Our phone number is : Toll free: 1-888-656-0606 or 514-737-0404