Medically Supervised laser hair removal clinic?


I’m looking for a laser hair removal clinic in Toronto, ON (preferably downtown). I have a certain type of insurance that will reimburse for laser hair removal. Their condition is that it must be medically supervised by a liscenced doctor.

With that said, does anyone have any suggestions (you can PM me if you don’t want to share with everyone) for a clinic that has medically supervised laser hair removal using the Alexandrite laser? I’m looking at lasering my underarms.

(I’m skin type 3: fair skin, tans then burn, female)

Thank you for your suggestions!

Run a search here. There have been lots of discussions on Toronto. edokid is the local expert on clinics there and has tried quite a few.

Unfortunately I’ve never been to any that is doctor supervised… The first place I went was Dr. Nowell Solish where my friend works but he’s a plastic surgeon and this was IPL which I did get good results on. I’m sure there’s others though.

There may be a doctor in name, but not actually present. I doubt the insurance company would be able to tell.