Mechanicsburg: Visible Difference

Visible Difference
Diane Fisher, CPE
5205-B Simpson Ferry Road&
East Gate Plaza
Mechanicsburg, PA 17035
(717) 691-5911
Hours:Monday through Thurs. - 9am - 7pm; Friday -9am - 6pm; Saturday - <p>
Description of Practice: We offer a sanitary, comfortable, and attractive office with a private
treatment room. Disposable probes and sterilized instruments along with a complete personal
history allow us to give the best and safest personal care. Permanent hair
removal through the process of electrolysis using the Blend, Thermolysis, and
multi-needle galvanic as well as single needle galvanic are utilized according
to your personal needs. Since increased self esteem and personal well being are
our goals, we also offer a weight loss/wellness tonic called Calorad.
Therapeutic full body massage and reflexology are also services we offer; and
we sell and exhibit beautiful hand painted glass. We believe that you’ll see
the difference when you experience Visible Difference. Check out our web site!
For personal rate scale contact Diane Fisher at [fish2 at ps dot net]
Member IGPE