me, hair and sona

ive been going to sona for lhr for about 2 years. ive had my abs and feet done through sona in the past. and just started full bikini package, which includes happy trail, and came with buy one get one free (i chose my feet). i was just wanting to do the abs and feet areas again. which now the deal is i get 50% on these areas since i already bought a package for them in the past (no more free touch ups i guess). but with their current deal, at the time, it worked out that i would be paying the the same price with or without doing full bikini. my first treatments on my abs and feet about 10 or so seemed to be working. they told me id probably only need 6-8. and touch ups would be free. the time between treatments varied @ first they were every couple months. then they started treating the areas separately, cause theyd (the sona company) found there was more success in treating the areas in the most effective growth stage. which i think was every 4 months for abs and 5 months for feet. im not sure what settings or laser was used. i stopped treatment for 5 months and i was okay with the results, the hair was finer and lighter and i dont really think there was less of it though. then for some reason i decided to bleach it. and im not sure if this is what caused the hair to become darker, longer and thicker or if it was caused by lhr. but the hair never looked like this before. i started to freak out and thought i have to do lhr again, assuming there is no way lhr could have caused this.

i must say i have been too trusting in this company. im not well informed on lhr ive been getting at sona or on lhr in general. my hair problems are very disturbing to me and i kinda try not to think about them too much. when getting into this i was told, by the first sona rep, it was a permanent solution to my problem and when i asked Qs about it, the rep said, “how would they be a growing business if it didnt work or if bad came of it?” and afterall she was having treatments done with permanent results. and now that i think about she made me feel stupid for asking Qs. which is my own fault, i was being stupid for letting it make me feel that way, im paying for this and i have the right to ask whatever Qs i want. i do have a tendacy to let people walk all over me and be too trusting.

since reading several forums on HR, ive been Qing more and trying to keep better track of my LHR experiences. when i first started going to sona it was @ the chesterfield, mo location. i have since moved to nashville and am going to the brentwood,tn location.ive had one treatment done so far on feet, happy trail and full bikini. all at the same time and the four prepaid treatments following according to the “sona concept” are to be done every 3 months on full bikini/happy trail and 4 months for feet. i shed in all areas with a hair free period of about a month. now the hair is coming back, some of it seems finer and its growing fast.

i did call a consultant at sona the other day. i asked for info on joules and which laser they were using. the rep told me she did not have my chart handy at the time and asked me what my skin type is and hair color. i wasnt really sure, i told her that i think im between fair and medium with dark to light brown hair. she told me that the nurse was probably using the apologee (sp?) on all areas. and that they use different lasers, which have many different settings, depending on color of skin and hair and thinkness of hair. she assured me that they know what they are doing. she asked me if id had much shedding and if i had a hair free period. i told her yes and she told me that that was a good sign that its working for me. and she told me if i was experiencing poor results after treatment shed get me in for a free reshoot. this lady does seem very nice and i feel more comfortable Qing her, although i think i pussied out quite a bit.

i am determined to get my chart records from the tn sona and the mo sona. why shouldnt i be allowed that? i go in for my next treatment on the 14th of feb. the consultant told me that before each treatment they (sona tn) always discuss my results and answer Qs, which never happened at the sona in mo. so at this time im going to explain my entire situation to her and ask how to obtain all my records through this company and all paper work ive signed.

it seems like the tn sona knows more about what they are doing then the mo sona. the nurse seemed like she knew her stuff, she has treatments done there and assured me sona was a good company, that does sound research. and they have a gun looking thing that tests your skin color before the treatment. they do have this 48 hour cancelation policy, if i dont give 48 notice i may have to pay for half the treatment. which i think is BS, after all the money ive dropped into sona.

i have many worse problems to deal with in my life other then HR. so dealing with this LHR problem/experience is complicated by that fact. i am going to try to be more informed and stand my ground so that i can get the results i deserve and also to be more of an effective contributer to the forums.

i used to have trichotillomania, which turned into an OCD of unwanted hair. i used to have very light brown/ dark blonde peach fuzz in all body areas. but i pulled, naired, bleached and shaved several areas. which lead to a noticeable problem far worse then what i started with. i try not to beat myself up for it and hope that i can correct it somehow/day.

im sorry if this post doesnt make alot of sense or is too long. i know i could have worded it better, it just came out this way. like i said this is all disturbing to me. i will keep posting with my results and Qs as time goes on.

do any professionals have an opinion on this sona company?

thanks yall and happy successful hring to you all!!!
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most professionals would not agree with their 4-5 month treatment spacing period. it’s been proven in hair removal (same concept in electrolysis) that hair is most effectively killed in the first phase of growth, anagen, when hair is most vulnerable. that means that you should be having treatments spaced around 6-8 weeks apart for the first 6-8 initial treatments and that’s very important for good results. so, since you say you have shed the hairs after treatment, and had a hairfree period, and now the hair is growing back. NOW, is the best time to get those hairs while they’re still vulnerable, not wait another several months. i would pressure them to get your treatments on schedule that most professionals in the industry recommend for best results. like you said, you’re paying a lot of money for this and deserve the service you expect.

The machine they’re probably using is the Apogee. It’s a good alexandrite laser and good for your skin type. Yes, I think it’s good idea to keep track of all your treatments, settings, pictures, etc like you said. It will help you in the long run.

Keep us posted on your results.

Sonas really vary by location as you experienced. There is no way to evaluate them as a whole. The only thing that bothers me about them in general is the 4-5 month spacing between treatments. It seems like a tactic to keep you a customer for longer because the results are MUCH slower that way. Not optimal way to kill hair.