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Hey there, i have been hairy since i was young, no idea why, probably cuz of my father’s side i have no idea, anyway, my brother is young, he is about 8 or so, in 3rd grade, and i already see hairs growing on his arms. I dont want him to go through life being made fun of and stuff cuz i had to go through that, and also when i marry, if i marry a different race who isnt hairy, how would my child turn out? hairy like me or soft like mom, i know its a weird question, but i am worried about it. Also, my mom has this weird saying that, when u wash urself, if u dont dry yourself or properly, u get hairy that way, i think its not true but…she isnt right, right? hehe, thank u

You would be right to say that it is all in the Genes. No one can say what will happen when your dna combines with another person’s dna. Do you really want to choose your baby’s mother based on her chances of producing a chile who will possibly grow up to be hairy or hairless? Come on, we all need to lighten up a bit here.

Exactly, James! You cant choose who you fall in love with. Plus, hairiness is in your genes, not with you culture. A prime example - Persian people… some women are extremely hairy (like the women on my fathers side) and yet the women on my mothers side are hair-free. Now I am very hairy, my sister isnt.

Then a lady on my fathers side (Who is extremely hairy, i may like to add!) has 2 daughters of which are hair free, not a strand of hair in sight. Not even facial hair.

There are no rules!

</font><blockquote><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>quote:</font><hr /><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>Originally posted by James W. Walker VII, CPE:
<strong>Come on, we all need to lighten up a bit here.</strong></font><hr /></blockquote><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>Are you abnormally hairy for a man? If not, you have no room to talk.

I did not choose my dh for the amount of hair he has, but you can be sure that I am very hesitant to have a daughter. I would love to have a daughter, but the thought of her going through the teasing and torture and yes, the pure hell of having facial hair as a woman makes me second guess my decision to have more children every day.

My grandmother had a bit of chin hair, my mother has a sparse beard, I have (had, thank you laser!) a full beard. If it is getting progressively worse with each generation, I can’t imagine how bad it might be for any daughters I might have.

The responsibility should not be on the hairy to lighten up, it should be on the hairless to get the **** over it. :angry:

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I appreciate your emtional responce, and you should know that although I am not overly hairy for a male, the hair that I do have doesn’t grow properly, causing each and every hair on my face to begin life as an ingrown hair even without shaving. Without electrolysis, my face would look like a red, angry, puss filled war zone.

This did not stop me from having a child with a woman who had a bad case of acne that did not go away until late in her twenties, and our child has been lucky enough to inherit neither of these traites.

My choice in the mother of my child proves that I, for one am over it. The truth is, when it comes to hair on a woman, I never had a problem. I am an electrologist because men with my kind of problem have trouble finding anyone to treat them, and women often have trouble finding anyone skilled enough to do a good job, and finding someone to do a good job fast on a woman is even harder.

Two of my clients who are getting the full body job report that they are the only person in their immediate family who even has a problem. One has no idea of what recessive genes one brings to the genetic table.

I do hope that you agree with me when I say that hair or no hair is a poor way to choose a mate. Just as poor a criteria as breast size, tattoos, or skin color.


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It would be great if Electrologist Walker lived down south way, because everyone is not as interested as he is. Most are in it for the money around her. :grin:

Excuse me for being emotional in an EMOTIONAL SUPPORT forum. :roll_eyes:

David, I’m sorry you fear for your daughters’ mental health. I hope they continue to be well.
However, I don’t appreciate you telling me my concerns aren’t valid or important simply because you have more serious concerns. If you want to play that game, none of us in Western society can complain about anything as we have so much and such a high standard of living.

And I don’t drink coffee.

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Unwanted hair can cause serious distress for many of us, so I hope we will all be supportive and not disimissive when people have the courage to share their feelings.

For some people, anxiety about unwanted hair can be as serious as other body image issues like anorexia, so please keep in mind that what might not seem like a big deal for you might be a very big deal for others.

I want everyone to feel they can share how they feel, and I want comments to stay constructive and supportive.

Thanks to all of our regular posters, and those who might be sharing for the first time or still too worried about posting. The main message of this site and forum is that there is help and hope out there, and that any of us can find a way to manage unwanted hair with realistic goals and self-acceptance.



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Thanks for this clarification, David. Emotions can sometimes run high on the internet, and I appreciate everyone who contributes to this forum, even if we might feel differently about certain things.

This is the best and most popular hair removal forum is thanks to the civil discourse of everyone involved. Many of us who have been here a while have a more familiar tone that new readers might not pick up on-- it’s sometimes hard to get someone’s tone from an email.

Anyway, I hope everyone will carry on, and I hope that if there are ever any differences of opinion, that we can all remember we are all in this together. :grin: