Me and Kim Kardashian

Someone tipped me off that I was quoted in this publication. I never talked to anyone about the No! No! device, so it must be something I wrote here on Hairtell that someone fished up. I think it’s around paragraph 67. I don’t deny it. Looks like my usual poor grammar and run on sentence style.

To be fair to them in UK they don’t claim to do anything other than remove your have like shaving, it doesn’t say removal will last longer will be less growth next time less stuggle when growth comes through it simply show you people removing hair and feelings its easier for them to do and smooth skin after? could be said of any ways of removing hair. Not sure how they advertise in US or other companies if people think it offers more than it does that’s their interpretation their have been no claims by them in UK to say it does anything more than temp remove hair. I know people that believe it works like laser hair removal but don’t know why I wouldn’t go near one.