Maybe somebody else willl help me???

If Andrea would be too busy to help me, maybe someone else could.
Read my previous post and maybe you could help me?
Please look for how much it would cost me (One Touch + shipping to Polnad/Europe + $$ for your help).
I have turned to Andrea becouse I now that I could trust her and she wouldn’t cheat me.
But maybe You could help me?

Maybe I could even pay with credit card, I don’t now yet, but if someone is interested let write here.

thanks for this great site
Now I’m impatiently waiting for YOU !!


Your situation is not that difficult, you basically need to get a credit card number from a friend or relative, and then order it online… I cannot suggest a place to look, other will be able to, but once you can pay for it over the Internet, then it is just a matter to find it, order it and then go to work…

Good luck,