maybe I am crazy but...

I bet some of you remember me. I was the guy that was looking for some way to remove his hair. First Idea was to buy the spatouch device next was to actually go and get the treatments with real lasers.
I thing I am done with it.
Ive choosen to buy Paloman E2000. This devcie costed me 6000$. Of course it is used.(I wouldn’t be able to afford new one). It will be shipped to me next week. This laser is cleared for permanent hair reduction.
I know that u all gonna say.
Hey! your gonna burn yourself. your gona this your gonna that.
well lets just say I will do this my way.
I will choose some plase on my body and will start treatment there i will start from lowest settings and see how it works I will be very carefull. I will yous the new setting just in one spot. I will read everything carefully even ask some doctors about using this device. So there I did it:)
I can say I am very excidet:)
You can read about this device on the net.
This will be my journey to the hair free world:)
I will definetly keep you posted

Good For You!!! I hope it works out we’ll…If I could afford it, I would do the same!