Maybe going from bleaching to waxing...? Good/bad idea?


I hate my upper lip hair and have been using bleach----and bleaching is fine, except some people still notice the fuzz. I was trying to decide what alternative method to use and so far it looks as though waxing would be the best idea. (I would do home waxing.) Is this the best plan or what would be better? I need something that doesn’t require too much upkeep and works to not let the hair grow back stubbly. Please help cuz after I start there’s no stopping!!! :confused:


Waxing is a good temporary option for upper lip. One advantage over bleaching is that the dark roots beneath the skin are removed. Bleach can’t get those, and this can make your upper lip look much cleaner.


Waxing doesn’t make hair grow back stubbly, and you don’t need to do it that often. My problem with it is that you need to let the hair grow to a certain length before you can wax again.