Matching body hair (!) and thinning out arm hair (like vulpes!)


more questions!
Ok, I wanted to initally get my back and shoulders done as they’re quite hairy but then I came to the conclusion that - after a course of treatments - 80-90% of hair removal would still make my body hair seem awkward since i have hairy upper-arms!

Thus my idea was - stick with it - to thin out my arm-hair (with reference to vulpes’ picture - arm number 2 in the 6 arm line-up - and then leave my forearm hair and concentrate on removing, as much as possible, the upper arm hair so the upper arm links to the back and shoulder and all three are mostly hair-free!

God, I hope that makes sense!

The only problem is patchy regrowth and guaranteeing that the slightly hairy forearm “flows” into the - hopefully - hairless or 20% hairy upper arm (thin and light) which flows into the 20% hairy shoulder and back area.

Am I being a bit too ambitious with my figures and thoughts? (!)

I’ve heard you can thin out arm hair–to avoid patchy regrowth. Is this true? Vulpes–maybe you can help on this.

And is the “matching body hair” idea sound?

all your help - as ever - much appreciated