Massachusetts electrolysis

Boston Area

             Electrolysis & Laser Associates West                 Roxbury 
             2047 Centre Street, 
             West Roxbury, MA 02132 
             (617) 327-1234 
             Whalen Rae Electrologists 
             41 Winter Street, 
             Boston, MA 02108 
             (617) 426-4945 
             About Electrolysis 
             27 Georgene Road, 
             Brockton, MA 02302 
             (508) 588-6768 
             Capen Marci Electrologist 
             828 Belmont Street, 
             Brockton, MA 02301 
             (508) 584-8225 
             Colvin Mary Electrologist 
             1376 Concord Street, 
             Framingham, MA 01701 
             (508) 788-0009 
             Ellsworth Pamela Electrologists 
             118 Union Avenue, 
             Framingham, MA 01702 
             (508) 872-1883 
             Freedman Barbara Electrologists 
             79 Main Street, 
             Framingham, MA 01702 
             (508) 877-2900 
             Macdonald Deborah Freeman Electrologists 
             242 Union Avenue, 
             Framingham, MA 01702 
             (508) 872-6222 
             Higgins Electrolysis 
             20 Miles Street, 
             Greenfield, MA 01301 
             (413) 772-6265
             New Bedford
             Advanced Electrolysis 
             2112 Acushnet Avenue, 
             New Bedford, MA 02745 
             (508) 998-8311 
             Gina's Electrology 
             201 Lawrence Street, 
             New Bedford, MA 02745 
             (508) 998-8081 


A & A Laser, Electrolysis & Skin Care Associates
815 Washington Street, Suite #5
Newtonville, MA 02460
(617) 964-1000
(877) 9-LASER-9


             Boutillette Linda Electrologist
             1364 Parker Street, 
             Springfield, MA 01129 
             (413) 782-0333 
             Advanced Precision Electrology 
             7 Berkmans Street, 
             Worcester, MA 01602 
             (508) 797-3673 
             Bayrouty Donna M Electrologists 
             541 Pleasant Street, 
             Worcester, MA 01602 
             (508) 752-7113 
             Demango-Davis Jo Ann C Electrologists 
             7 Berkmans Street, 
             Worcester, MA 01602 
             (508) 797-3673 
             Hanna Salwa Electrolysis 
             Worcester, MA 01601 
             (508) 792-1255 
             Hillier Linda Electrologists 
             541 Pleasant Street, 
             Worcester, MA 01602 
             (508) 793-2112 

A & A Electrolysis and Skin Care Associates

Linda DeFruscio, R.E 815 Washington Street Newton, MA. 02160 (617) 964-1000 21 years experience with the gender community. Write or call for a free informational brochure. Ms. DeFruscio also writes on skin care and electrolysis in Transgender magazine. (97-04-18, aol)

A One Electrolysis

Karin E. Flynn, R.E. 717 Washington Street Newton, MA. 02160 (617) 928-1000 Private and Confidential, Evening and Saturday Appointments Complimentary Consultation (97-04-18, aol)


Don-Paul, RE (617) 236-0405 Located in Boston’s Backbay on Boylston Street. He works by appointment only. He is also very discrete and schedules appointments so clients do not encounter one another. (97-04-18, aol)


Christine Salminen, R.E. 290 Centre Street Newton, MA. 02158 (617) 964-4866 Private and Confidential, Experienced with Gender Community (97-04-18, aol)

Electrolysis Clinique

Darlene Romano, R.E. 20 Cloverdale Avenue Salem, MA. 01970 (508) 744-4560

TG friendly. Free Consultations. Rates are very reasonable ($34.00 per/hour). (97-04-18, aol)

Methuen Electrolysis Center

Marie Woodhead 30 River St., Suite no.22 Methuen , Ma. 01844 Phone: 978-682-8430. Number of electrologists: 1. Days of operation: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Hours: Varied, known to be sometimes 7am to 10pm By appointment only. Hourly rate: approx. $32.00. Types of probes available: disposable. Chosen through: TG referral, therapist. Free consultation with hairs treated for free Certification displayed Wears gloves

I do not know how this will be viewed, but the following is an excellent
source of electrolysis in my opinion, have now about 235 total hours on my
face with the Electrology Institute Clinic. This is a school for training
electrologists, so the work is done by students. Fortunately only the senior
most students are permitted to work on faces (student who have 600+ hours of
experience). But you can have your electrolysis done, with a substantial
reduction in cost.

  1. Electrologist contact information
    Electrology Institute Clinic
    1501 Main Street
    Suite 50
    Tewskbury, MA
    Normally access to the clinic is given by a friend who goes there,
    OR, by a referral from your therapist (ask your therapist to call). You
    cannot walk in from the street and expect treatment. Be prepared to disclose
    transition info : Doctor, Endocrinologist, Therapist, Hormone regimen. If
    you are totally honest they can work up a treatment methodology around your
    own personal needs. The instructors have many many years of experience
    dealing with transwomen. So you will not be new to them.

  2. Days open (put an X by applicable days)
    X Monday
    X Tuesday
    X Wednesday
    X Thursday
    X Saturday

  3. Hours __ to ___
    By appointment only?
    Appointment Only

  4. Electrologist treatment information
    Number of electrologists in office: 20+
    Treatment with two electrologists simultaneously available? No
    Modality used (%)
    Thermolysis 25%
    Galvanic 5%
    Blend 65%
    Multiplex (slow) thermolysis 5%
    Type of probes available:
    X disposable
    X non-disposable
    X insulated
    X non-insulated
    X straight
    X tapered
    X bulbous
    X gold-plated
    X multi-needle galvanic
    Electrologist wears a mask. No
    Electrologist wears gloves. Yes

  5. How you chose your electrologist:
    X TG referral
    Was consultation free? Yes
    Were hairs treated? Yes
    Were certification/training documents displayed. Yes

  6. Please state your opinion about this electrologist:
    Inexpensive (I pay $30 for 2.5 hours of treatments).
    All equipment is latest and state-of-the-art epilator machines.
    Ability to book long sessions (I was able to do about 200 hours in
    the space of one year).
    Can use whatever modality you request (if you said I only wanted
    Galvanic, then they will do this. And God bless you if this is your
    They work on numerous trans women (and even some straight men who
    hate shaving!) and have many years of experience.
    I always booked long sessions and after my face was cleared (around 200
    hours), i was able to use the rest of the time for electrolysis in other
    areas (eyebrows, chest hairs, bully button hairs, legs, etc). It’s been like
    E2000 on a budget <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
    Since work is performed by students, progress will be a bit slower
    than from a professional electrologist with years and year of experience in
    facial hair removal.
    NEVER miss a session or show up late, OR you will lose forever the
    ability to get prime time electrolysis spots, like nights and Saturdays for
    those of us who work.
    If you are not living full time, you will be required to appear in
    male mode.
    The rules and requirements to me were very minor compared to the quality and
    amount of work I have been able to do. At roughly 4 hours per week, it
    really does not take long to clear the face to maintenance mode. I had about
    40 hours of thermolysis before starting at the clinic in February of 2003.
    By April, and through sheer force of will (I wanted the hairs gone), I was
    able to stop shaving in May. I was booking 6-9 hours of treatments per week
    with an out of pocket cost of $90 per week for 9 hours! For the next several
    months, electrolysis has been in maintenance. The clinic was also able to
    work the treatment methodology around my FFS, which meant after I healed
    from surgery, I was able to begin living full time as soon as I wanted to. I
    was able in that case to book 30 hours of treatments in one week prior to
    FFS to achieving a complete clearing.