Mark Chander still on IGIA website


Rejuvenu salesperson Mark Chandler may sell a transcutaneous device for $9,000, but he’s also appearing in ads for a device that sells for about $60.

IGIA: Mark Chandler appears for Touch ‘n’ Go

Chandler has allegedly stated that he did not authorize this endorsement, but if that were the case, the information would be down, right?

In the meantime, if you’re going to waste your money on unproven transcutaneous devices, why not save yourself $8,940 and get one that costs just $60?


Is he really a doctor?


quaterman, yes, Mark H. Chandler graduated from Medical College of Georgia in 1983.

He is sometimes claimed to be a “dermologist,” which of course is a bogus specialty that doesn’t exist. Dr. Chandler is not a dermatologist, even though he and Lee Cole fooled the FDA into thinking he was when they cleared the AHRS device.