Maria Vega---how much does she charge?

Hi. How much does Maria Vega charge for her treatments? I heard that she is more expensive than others but better—i just wanted to know how much she charges…

Hello. I have been going to Maria Vega for a few weeks now. She charges $30 for 15 minutes, $50 for 30 minutes, and $95 for 60 minutes. I am not sure how much she charges for 45 minutes since I have not had a 45 minute appointment yet.

Isn’t $95/hour a bit too much? Most other electrologists quoted me between $50-60/hour— are Maria’s results that much better to be charging double the standard int he industry???

The only electrologist I have been to is Maria Vega, so I can’t tell you how much better she is than others or if she even is better than others.

When I was looking for an electrologist I posted a message on this forum asking for recommendations and I did a search in previous posts for electrologists in the North Jersey/NYC area. The only person that came up a couple of times was Maria Vega. Since I don’t have the time or energy to experiment with different electrologists I decided to just go with her (I noticed everyone raves about Fino Gior, but he is too far for me).

It seems to me that Maria Vega is pretty good when I campare my results to some people who post on this website. For example, she does not leave any marks on my face. I don’t need any after treatment. My skin gets red initially, but it looks completely normal in a couple of hours. The treatments does not hurt at all, etc. There are people who post here who have a similar experience as me but they are in other parts of the country

I have only had about 4 hours done, so I can’t tell you about long term results with her. One of the previous posts I read on this forum was from a girl who said she was going to Maria Vega because a friend of hers had her face cleared by Maria.

If you have time, you should definitely experiment with different electrologists and then post your results.

Also, I have read that some electrologists are cheaper but not necessarily quick. So, it might take them 2 hours to clear an area that someone else who is more expensive can clear in one hour.

Whatever you decide, please let me know. I would be interested in knowing what others in the NYC area are like.