many questions


i am very pale and have quite a few hairs on my lip area that i consider dark brown or black even. also, i’m looking for a few similar hairs to be removed from my chest. is it possible to treat hairs individually or will i pay for all the little white ones surrounding? how much should i expect to pay each session for lip and about four other hairs? i’ve plucked in the last week do i have to wait 9 months for good results(someone’s post mentioned this?). once the laser is done i can shave any remaining hair off, correct? so with that all asked, i’ve been thinking i’ll choose dr performed laser with lightsheer but does anyone suggest otherwise?


If you want to have hairs removed individually it sounds like you don’t have that many. You may want to look into electrolysis first.



thanks, i was wondering if that would be easier/cheaper. there’s so much conflicting information out there it seems. i didn’t read every post here but i read a lot and i’m still unclear about the difference in procedures and permanence etc. laser gets more hairs at once? one is more effective immediately? one lasts longer? it seems from what i read that electrology takes longer but is more permanent? am i wrong? are you just suggesting electrology for cost or another reason?


If you have a relatively low number of hairs, electrolysis will probalby be cheaper. Its $60 per hr. on the average.

If you are a suitable candidate, laser will remove more hairs at a time. It will only get the hairs that are in the growth stage during treatment. Electrolysis can only do one hair at a time, but it works on all skin types and hair colors. Some say that electrolysis only gets hair in the growth stage, but others have said that is not true.



I’d probably get electrolysis based on your description.


i guess i’ll try electrolysis first,thanks guys for all your help!