many questions...

hi, I just wanted some peoples opinions on the One Touch.

I know it has received a lot of positive feedback.

I wanted to know if I were to do my arms (with one touch), would they be red or marked after treatment? I ask this because my arms are always visible when I work.
At the moment I pluck my arms (from fingers to a bit past the elbows) with tweezers. It takes about 1 hour to do both. It takes one week for the hair to grow back. In total I do about 2 hours a week of plucking (facial included) and its no problem for me, but I don’t want to do this forever so I am seeking a permanent solution.

I used to shave my arms, but I stopped after I discovered ingrown hairs. Also, my arms gradually developed marks. It is a little hard to explain. My hair is dark, as well as thick and you can see it as it goes underneath the skin. Sometimes I can still see it even when the hair is removed. Will they go away if the hair is removed with one touch? Also, what happens to the pores when the hair doesn’t grow anymore? Do they close up or do they remain pitted?

and one more thing: do they sell One Touch in Australia?

from my experience, depending on whether the probe has touched the upper layer of skin, i’ve gotten red marks and/or bumps. They go away after a day or two, but it’s not like shaving or waxing where there is very little irritation. You can also burn yourself quite badly (see my post below) if you don’t follow the correct protocol. if you do burn yourself, expect to have red dots (burn marks) for a few weeks. i’m happy to say that i don’t have any scarring, but it wasn’t a pleasant experience nonetheless. really be careful with the probe when you’re inserting it in the follicle.

BTW, I would suggest a rotary epilator for the arm instead of tweezing; it’s much, much faster.