Many Questions, concerns...

Hey, I’m new here. Anyways, I am wondering about the best method of hair removal. Before I jump into that, I have a few questions. First off, I am really limited on money (poor college kid). Anyways, I don’t consider myself very hairy, I don’t have hair on my back. My legs and arms are fairly hairy, but I am not bothered by that at all. I am mainly concerned with my chest and stomach. Ideally I’d like there to be no hair. I am strongly considering shaving, but I am not sure about it. I am concerned over the long term. I am beginning to grasp the notion that the hair doesn’t grow back thicker or anything like that. All I can compare the potential results to are my face. I can get a smooth shave and be good to go for a day. The next day there is stubble, but nothing too bad. It doesn’t even really show. By the second day, it is more noticable. I’m wondering, will shaving my chest and stomach be like that? Will I am to shave everyday or every other day? What sort of adaption process will take place? Is there any particular way of shaving? Would I be better off just trimming? I really don’t want to deal with stubble (I have a theory that girls won’t go for that deal). However, I’d like to have something with little maintaince, because I am always on the go and I don’t get the chance to even shave everyday. Likewise, I have no idea when I am going to find myself without a shirt on and I don’t want to have any fears or anything holding me back from wearing a shirt. If I shave once and the hair grows back, will it stop growing eventually? As you can see I have little knowledge of this subject and I’d like to know more. I’ve read some things, but I guess they just aren’t sinking in. I don’t want to make a mistake by doing something like this and having the results be terrible. I shave my face with a Mach 3 (I love it). Will that be good enough for everything else? Will I be itchy afterwards? How long do I have before I’d have to shave again and if I leave it alone for a while, will I have an itch? Pretty much teach me all that is known about shaving, but apply it to me please. I would love to know all I can associated with this decision. If the risks and down sides outweigh the positive results then I may not do this. Mostly, I’m considering this for an attractivness and I think I would like it personally, but I’m not sure. Like I said, that all depends on the maintainence factor. Please write back. Thanks for any and all help.

TS: If you don’t have much money and want to remain smooth,why don’t you start plucking out the chest and stomach hair? I know it might hurt slightly but yiu’ll remain smooth and can stay that way with little effort. If you plan to also remove the underarm and pubic hairs they are long enough to pull out little by little. Soon you may have enough funds to get laser or electrolysis and be hair free forever.

If you have dark hair and light (even medium) skin laser is the best solution for you. It is costly but well worth it.

Shaving is a viable solution too. How often you will need to shave depends on how much hair you have and how fast it grows. The Mach 3 is a very good razor but the Mach 3 Turbo is even better. You can use the same handle, just buy the Turbo refills.

My chest was very hairy before laser treatments. If I let it grow wild I couldn’t even see my skin and I would start sweating as soon as I would step out of the shower. Trimming the hair is OK but women will be albe to tell that you trim it so you might as well shave it all off. It looks better and if you work out with weights you muscular definition will be much better. It is a lot more comfortable too.

I would use a Mach 3 Turbo and either Edge Pro Shave Gel for Tough Beards or Suave Body Wash moisturizing formula. It is easier and not as messy to shave in the shower. Use clippers to trim the hair to stubble before you shave with the blade. This makes things a lot easier. Shave against the grain or you will notice stubble a lot sooner. The Mach 3 and Turbo blades are the best. Don’t waste your time on any other blades.

Using a good foil electric shaver like the Braun Synchro 7526 is a good option. I have gotten rid of about 90-95% of my chest and back hair with laser treatments so the electric works great for me. After one treatment I had 50% reduction, which made shaving easier and provided much better results. The hair that did grow back was much finer too.

I have never tried waxing but you may want to consider it if you don’t want the hassle of shaving every one or two days and can’t afford laser.


Alright, thanks for the tips. I have tried plucking, but I didn’t see the results quick enough. I have also tried trimming, but that was inconsistant. I figure shaving would be a good solution. If it’s a quick solution (meaning it doesn’t take long), then I’ll do that. I understand that I won’t know how often I’ll need to shave until I actually do it, but will it grow faster the more I do it. Kinda like with my face, where back in high school I could shave every other day and there wouldn’t be a difference. Could that just be hormones or was that a result of shaving over and over again? Will I have the same experiences with my chest and stomach? Also, just to be sure, it won’t grow back thicker and darker if I shave it, correct? That is just a myth right? Thanks again.

No, shaving will not make your hair grow back faster and/or thicker. That is a myth. Hormones and some drugs can make your hair grow thicker. That is why body hair gets worse as you grow older and the hair on your head gets thinner and you can develop bald spots. Like I said before, sometimes life isn’t fair.

Also, it will take your skin awhile to adapt to shaving but it will adapt. You may experience some irritation at first, such as cuts, razor bumps, etc. Tend Skin will help with shaving related skin problems.


The cheapest thing to do is to shave. You will have some irritation, you will have to do it regularly and anyone who is nose to skin with the shaved surface will in fact know that it has been shaved. It is, however the best choice for cost and kindness to your skin, and least negative experience down the road.

If you pluck or wax, the hairs will in fact get thicker and more difficult to remove by any means. Shaving only seems to do this because one goes from a tapered tip on the edge of the hair that doesn’t reflect much light, nor does it poke at the skin it comes in contact with. On the other hand, a shaved hair has a flatter surface that pics up light (think fiber optics just like those drugstore Xmas trees that sit on a shelf and change colors) and these shaved ends do in fact poke at the skin, and in the case of curly hairs, will break the skin and cause an immune responce.

Electrolysis is the best way to get the hair cleared forever, because it is permanent from the start. In a short time one may be at the point where no one knows that you grow hair in the treated area but your electrologist and yourself. After that, one simply keeps the appointment schedule designed by one’s electrologist, and one will be adding the electrologist to that list of people on your holiday greeting card list that you have not actually spoken to or seen in years.

Thank you all for the help. It seems your responses trigger more questions though, so please be patient. The Skin Tend, where can I get it? Am I able to go to WalMart and pick some up? Also, I tan regularly. My family owns a tanning bed, so it’s really convenient for me. Will that help or hurt me in any way on the shaved areas? I understand that the skin will be more exposed, but I’m sure it’ll adjust. Will the chances of irritation be greater? Will it effect the growth rate at all? I figure the tanner I am, the better I’ll be able to hide my shaving. Is this true? Thanks for the help.