Manhattan: Preferred Image (New York, NY)

Preferred Image<br>
234 5th Ave., Suite 516<br>
New York, NY 10001<br>
tel: 347-369-4441

<p> e-mail:<br>
<p> Office Hours:<br>
Open 7 Days + Nights
<p>Description of Practice:
<p>We’re a professional electrolysis studio in Brooklyn, NY. We offer the best
of electrolysis available in NYC, and we also serve the New Jersy clientelle.
Comfort, safety, permanence and attention to detail is our specialty. We offer
a free trial with no obligation, so you only have your hair to loose!
<p>We offer:</p>
[li] Modern computerized equipment for your comfort </li>
[/li] [li] Sterile disposable probes for your protection </li>
[/li] [li]Highest methods of sterilization </li>
[/li] [li] Private office setting </li>
[/li] [li] Treatment of all skin types and all body areas </li>
[/li] [li] Specialize in diffcult cases </li>
[/li] [li] Treatments tailored to your individual needs </li>
[/li] [li] Doctor referred </li>
[/li] [li] Fast and comfortable Thermolysis and Blend treatments </li>
[/li] [li] Insurance coverage possible for some clients </li>
[/li] [li] FREE consultation </li>
[/li] [li] FREE 15 minute trial </li>
[/li] [li] Other discounts available </li>
[/li] [li] Near subway and buses </li>
[/li] [li] Men, women, tg/ts welcome</li>
<p align=“center”>Make your appointment today, be done tomorrow!<br>

seems fine but the website doesn’t work

Sorry, the new website is coming soon.

We have moved to the city!

New location:

234 5th Ave. Suite 516
New York, NY 10001



Moved to Midtown Manhattan off 5th Ave!

10 East 39th St., Suite 902
New York, NY 10016