Man leg reduction and thinning

Hello all,

7 Years ago i started alexandrite laser for my upper body for 2 years. At most it only thinned some hair, and some patchy reduction on back. And some decent reduction and a little thinning on chest. Shoulder and upper arm areas had laser indicued growth which is totally under control now thanks to electrolysis. So after reading about electrolysis on this site, i undestand that the laser is not a good choice for upper body which i am an alive proof of . For two years now i ve been doing electrolysis on my upper body and im %90 percent hair free but with hyperpigmentation. So il wait them to diseappear till im completely normal while handling the rest of the hair which is not too much work. So i was thinking laser for my legs for like %50 reduction and thinning. Because my upper body is nearly hairless and its a little bir odd view right now having monkey hair on legs. By the way i dont wanna use the electrolysis for legs. İt was a very hard job for me to have electro for my upper body. Too much time, pain and hyperpigmentation ( im like the most prone to hyperpigmentaton person. İ got some hp from 1.5 years). So can i get result with a laser on my full legs. Which laser should i use and of course the settings?

P.s. Thanks Michael, josefa and all the others to show me there is a light at the end of the road and of course the creators of this site.

why would u risk the laser stimulating hair growth happening again? you should do one leg and compare and doument with pictures and let us all know lol

Hello all. Laser hair Removal would not stimulate male lower body hair on this type of hair. I suggest 3-4 sessions, spaced 8 to 10 weeks apart. There are many providers that have the Gentlemax Pro in your country. If you tell me which city you are in, I may be able to help you.

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Thank you very much for the quick reply. I live in istanbul. I think Gentlemax pro has both alex and ndyag. Which of them should be used and with what settings? Thanks in advance again.

Hi. You should use Gentlemax Pro Alex wavelength. They should use an 18 MM or 20 mm spot size with energies starting at 14 Joules and going higher, subject to a test patch.

Thank you very much. You are very kind.

Interesting, and what separates the lower body hair from the upper body hair? I’m wondering if the cases reported hair stimulation have all been in the upper body?

Hormonal Predisposition, age, testosterone levels, basically a myriad of variables play into making a good determination as to what areas to treat. I have never seen male legs getting stimulated by laser.
On Female legs, the upper legs may get stimulated, basically upper thighs on a person who has very thin hair and low energies are applied.