Man, I'm itchy!! How long will it last?

Love this forum… got so much great info here prior to beginning my laser hair removal!

I’ve just had my 2nd Lightsheer treatment. All seems to be going well, but I’m an itchy mess on my lower legs! About a week after the first treatment, I was itchy for a day or two, but this time around it started the day after treatment and I’m now on day 5 with no reduction in the itchies! No problems on my upper legs, underarms or bikini… weird.

My legs don’t look terribly inflamed… just some small red bumps here and there and they occasionally feel a little more bumpy at times when they’re really itchy.

My first session was at 30j, my second was at 34… maybe the level is too high? I really want to cook those leg hairs, though!!

I’ve looked at some posts on this forum and it seems everyone recommends aloe vera, which I just started today. I’ve been taking Benedryl at night, hoping it would do something… at least it allows me to sleep.

Any other tips?

Also, I’m wondering if anyone who has had this problem can tell me how long it lasted. My next session is scheduled for 3 weeks before I leave on vacation (don’t worry, I avoid the sun!) and I want to make sure there’s no chance I could still have itchy legs 3 weeks after a treatment… that would make for a rather depressing vacation!

Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!

The follicles are trying to release the hair but may be creating red bumps. Could be caught under the top layer of skin. Gentle exfoliation could be done to assist the process. I am also wondering are you allergic to gel? With regard to the energy number, gradual increase is normal… but going to high could result in too much heat and you don’t want that because it could agitate the skin and possibly burn your skin… NO fun on Vacation for sure.
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This is not abnormal. The hairs are looking to shed soon, so it may be itching as they’re coming out. If you don’t see any other signs of inflamation or discomfort, you’re not allergic.

I would put aloe vera gel (the clear sunburn stuff) in the fridge and apply it a couple time a day. It’s really soothing.

I don’t think I’m allergic to the gel, since I didn’t have this reaction the first time and didn’t have it in all of the areas she worked on.

I hope you’re right about the hairs just working their way out… that doesn’t sound so bad! I assumed it was that last time when the itching started after a week, but it seems weird that the itching started the next day this time.

I was reading somewhere else about the possibility of a histamine reaction to laser hair removal and the article said it specifically happens on the lower legs… if that’s the case, does anyone know if taking Benedryl prior to treatment might prevent this next time?

Also, if anyone else has had this, I’d love to hear how long it lasted… just woke up to an itchy day 6!


Well, this certainly wasn’t what I wanted to hear… found it on a laser clinic’s “post-treatment care” page:

7. If you experience an irritated raised rash after treatment, Benadryl should help relieve the itchiness. Although rare, these symptoms may take up to several months to subside.

I think I better stop searching the internet for an answer before I freak myself out!! :eek:

Can you post some pictures? What you describe doesn’t really sound abnormal. Red raised follicles for up to a week or so are normal. So is some itchiness. If there is a serious rash lasting a lot longer than that, then it may be a histamine reaction for which an anti-histamine would help, but it would look like a pretty strong allergy.

Shedding starts at around 1-1.5 weeks. So see how that goes.

Have you exposed your legs to the sun?

I don’t have a digital camera at the moment, so can’t post any pics. It really doesn’t look like much, which is weird, because the itching gets really intense at times!

Glad to hear it sounds normal… it definitely doesn’t look like a severe rash, just tends to feel (but not really look) a little bumpy when it gets itchy (at night, when it’s hot outside, when I shower, sometimes for no reason at all) and there are some red, slightly raised hair follicles scattered around.

I haven’t had my legs in the sun at all… never do!

That sounds normal. I wouldn’t worry too much.

Have you tried putting BikiniZone on it? It’s a really cool product comes in a white tube, has lidocaine (sp?) in it for itching and irritation. My friend will not shave her legs without it, and when I was doing laser on my pubic area and had to shave it off, I couldn’t go without putting bikinizone on it, instant relief!!

I’ll have to check that out… still itchy today, but getting better!

I’m officially itch-free! Not a fun week, but I’m sure it’ll all be worth it when those evil little hairs start falling out!

I ended up using cortisone cream and aloe gel a couple of times a day… not sure if that resolved the problem or if it was just the passing of time that made it go away, but, either way, I’m sure glad it’s over!

Thanks, all, for reassuring me that it sounded pretty normal and wouldn’t go on too long…

when you have itching post treatment, you can use an Aloe-Cortisone cream to sooth the skin. After LASER treatments, it is not unheard of to need to re-apply Aloe-Cortisone every 5 to 15 minutes for a day or two.

Oh, that’s good to know! I’ll try it after my next treatment. This time around, I think I made the mistake of just thinking my itchy skin would go away for the first day or so, so I didn’t put ANYTHING on my skin that might have helped it until a couple of days into my itchy nightmare. Bad idea!

Thanks for the tip!

I thought I replied to this a couple days ago? Anyway, I recommended the blue aloe gel that contains lidocaine, or an anti-itch lotion, such as Sarna.

I would never use even an OTC hydrocortisone more than 3-4 times per day for a few days. Cortisone creams used on a regular basis accelerate aging of the skin. Aloe would be fine. Taking an antihistamine before your next treatment may prevent this from happening.

I thought that once we say we are doing LASER hair removal, accelerated aging of the skin is already an accepted result. If I remember correctly, Dr. Rox Anderson said it was like getting many sunburns all at once. At any rate, the Aloe-Cortisone is only used when the itching is prevalent. For some, this is only an application and reapplication once to 4 times a day depending on the sensation experienced in the skin.

James, that’s completely UNTRUE and unsubstantiated. Laser doesn’t emit any harmful radiation - so it has no comparison to sunburns in that sense.

Hey, r4614, can you let me know, when ur ichiness is gone, did the bumps dissappear too? or you still got the bumps. I got almost exactly the same thing as yours, after second treatment, the bumps came, it’s been 4 days.

Sorry, Cherrysss, just saw your post now! My bumps and itching lasted about a week, then went away and I had great results from my treatment.

I just had another treatment 2 days ago, and this time I took a Benedryl an hour before and put cortisone cream on immediately after. I’ve been doing a bit of cortisone cream and aloe vera gel a couple of times a day, and though I still have some bumps and itching (especially in the evenings, for some reason), it’s not as bad as last time.

Hey you know wut? My bumps turn out to be hives I believe it’s triggered by the laser treatment, it lasted for 2 month. I got another treatment today, the ichiness came back… I’ll apply some cortisol too i guess. thx

Take an anti-histamine before the treamtent and after. It sounds like a histamine reaction which some experience due to allergies.