Man Epilating

Hey i’m not excessively hairy for a dark haired guy but i’ve always been pretty effeminate and now I’m 23 and the hair is present and fairly course in all expected areas: chest, arms, legs and erm…yeh and i cant’ wear the clothes I wanna wear without revealing it (chest, arms and legs in the case of clothes :S)

I’ve tried all sorts of methods like shaving, hair removal cream, waxing…well thats it i think. But all of these have left me with a painful, persistant rash, despite liberal amounts of moisturising. Would epilating avoid this? The initial pain I can deal with but I don’t wanna be rashy until the hair grows back. The rash seems to be caused by either harsh treatment to my skin, i.e waxing/shaving, and the thick, newly strenthened hair trying to grown back.

Also would shaving the hair with electric clippers (you know like the ones you use on your head hair, dunno the correct name)before epilation lessen the potential for a rash and/or pain?

Any advice would be much appreciated.


I had full-body laser hair removal over seven years ago. This left me with very little irritation after the treatments were complete. The only areas where hair remains are my pubis, groin, and between my buttocks. I usually shave this, and the regrowth is always somewhat irritating. I had a full Brazilian wax in late December, and none of the regrowth caused any issues two months later.

I imagine shaving with clippers would be better than shaving, causing less irritation to the skin and leaving a less sharp end on the hairs. Unfortunately, the regrowth would appear sooner since clippers don’t cut nearly close enough to the skin.

Have you considered laser for permanent removal? Or waxing regularly? After the first wax, subsequent treatments should be much quicker.

Thanks for the reply. As I said its not the initial pain or even the length of time it takes to wax or shave its the rash that lasts for ages after. As regards to laser treatment I dunno if I could go that far…it just seems quite excessive.

But I know that shaving rashes and lengthy irritation from waxing are quite common so what I really wanted to know is, is this the case with epilating?

Laser doesn’t have to remove everything. You can get 3-4 treatments to make the hair less coarse and dense.

I wouldn’t recommend epilating. If you read this forum, you’ll see that it creates a lot of issues with ingrowns.

Good waxing treatments shouldn’t irritate the skin. And shaving properly with a good razor and soaking routine should be ok too.

Some people also buy a trimmer and use it on chest and legs, which helps create a more cleaned up look.

Don’t get me wrong I DO want to get rid of all my body hair but isn’t laser hair removal expensive?

Hmmm…anyway I’ll keep trying stuff. I may still give epilating a try cos I have read some positive stuff too. Gotta try everything anyway before I give up.

Take a look at our FAQs at the link below. Prices are indicated. It depends on how big the area is and how many treatments you need. There are lots of Groupon type of specials around nowdays too. So not necessarily at all.

I have a Braun Silk-Epil epilator at home for occasional use on the remaining few hairs that pop up. Unfortunately, it tends to irritate my skin while waxing did not. It’s probably because the oil-based wax and heat lubricate and soften the skin, while the epilator does neither. I’d think the best time for epilating would be right after you finish a hot shower and after applying moisturizing oil or lotion, while your skin is still warm and moist.

Ok thanks. So I suppose the answer to my question is yes it will irritate my skin probably as much as waxing and shaving.

Well, no harm giving it a shot. I’ll use the technique you suggested Caith thanks for the tip.

Epilatiing is the better choice for you.

Laser, especially for your entire body will easily run into the thousands but one Braun Wet/dry Silk Epil (best ratings so far) will cost you about 120-150 dollars US.

I’ve been using it and as long as you VIGOROUSLY EXFOLIATE every day and moisturize you should see very little red spots. The red spots will appear as the body is reacting to the initial trauma of having its hairs ripped out but it should go away. If it doesn’t it’s a pretty good indication of infection which is pretty normal. Just keep exfoliating and moisturizing and you should be OK. It takes one or two sessions for your skin to become accustomed to the epilation but once it gets used to it the hairs come out MUCH easier and the pain becomes minimal.

As far as thinning out the hairs over time is concerned, everything you hear or read is mere speculation. I have yet to find a certified medical article stating that the hair will grow back thicker or thinner than before. My experience… It’s growing back thinner and less pronounced (and I used to have VERY HAIRY legs lol).

I had heard a lot about exfoliating after epilation. And I followed through, I bought a loofah, a shower gel with scrubbing grains and use it daily. However, I still end up with ingrown hairs around the bikini area. I thought it wouldn’t happen a second time around, but I was wrong. It did again. I am now looking to invest in some post epilation creams or lotions.