Male Waxing advice


Hi everyone. I have recently decieded to start waxing…everything…I just can’t toletate the hair anymore. I’m a 20 year old male with medium thick hair that is dark. Is waxing a good choice? I know I couldn’t do shaving…too much upkeep.
My second question is that I plan on doing it from home. What should I buy? I heard some good things about the Nads Wax Tub thingie…sound good? Does it come with everything I need? Help! I’d like to get this taken care of as soon as possible. Thanks!



Have you given through to using a epilator?


JAB…I don’t know what areas you are waxing; but if you are as adverse to your hair as you indicate, you should begin the process of permanent removal. I know money may be a problem; but if you will start with your underarms you can get the area clear in a few hours will a good electrolygist. When you experience the smoothness created, you will be gung ho to moving into other areas.