Male Wanting to know?

Hey i am a male 24 with a lot of body hair. I am wanting to get rid of the hair on my back and shoulders permanently. I am wondering the best route for this. It is very coarse hair!

Hi, I am 24, m, and I have the same problem as you do. I was looking for good salon or spa in New York City, but all claimed that their laser is the latest model on the market, the more effective and ect. I think that Nd.YAG lasers (witch have longer wavelength ( 1064nm) are more effective than others. And they are also more safe for tanned skin. But still you’ll need 4 to 6 treatments depending on your goals.

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Have you tried it yet? Or are you just speculating?

The ND:YAG works very well on tanned and dark skin. I have had some experience with it and am very happy with the results.


Well i ain’t tanned or dark, i have very fair skin. I plan on tanning though is the thing!!

Just share what I have learned from my research?

Do you have dark hair? Laser won’t work well on light hair. And do you really want 100% hair free on those hair or just thin them would be fine?

I would suggest you consult with professional laser clinics.

If you plan on tanning than you should wait to get the treatment started after the summer. As to laser types, Alexandrite is not as painful as Nd-Yag, but very effective.

Laser X, what is your opinion of using the Nd:YAG laser on tanned skin? It is claimed by many clinics that it is OK. My practitioner won’t do it! I suppose her policy is justified because I get very dark in the summer.

The YAG can be very painful, especially on the back of the hamstrings. But I find it to be less painful overall than the alexandrite. I first laser treatments were with the Apogee. I had them in the dead of winter and it was quite effective but it did cause some scabbing. I never had any scabs or redness with the YAG. Plus the Apogee broke down all the time.

My legs are dark year-round. The alexandrite and even the diode laser could not be used on my lower legs. The Nd:YAG turned out to be the best solution.

FYI there is an interesting comparison of the different lasers on A lot of it makes sense but I don’t necessarily agree with everything they say. If you get a chance, read it. I would like your comments on it.

Once suntanning season starts it will be all electrolysis for me.


Nd:YAG is the only laser that can be used on tanned skin, but not while you are actively tanning. If you plan to be tanning during the summer, than you should wait until fall for your laser treatments.
As for the pain I used to have two lasers, Coolglide and GentleLase Plus. I don’t know about Apogee, but my clients tell me that GLP is much better than other machines they have experienced.