Male, Olive Skin - Laser Shoulders/back ?


I am a male, 25, with light olive skin with dark hairs (Type 3/Type 4).

I have thick-ish hair on my shoulders and top of my back and two patches on each side at the bottom of my back, now i can afford it I decided to get Laser Hair Removal a few months ago, the first clinic i went to had a Gentlelase. The technician said that i didn’t need to shave my back and that the laser would treat the area the same.

The first and second treatment used low settings (think it was 12J then 14J)
The third treatment included my shoulders and full back (14J), even though the hair isnt thick all over.

It has been 3 months since my last treatment, the hair is obviously back, and possibly a few stray induced hairs where there was less hair.

I have decided not to return to this clinic and had a consultation at another with a Lightsheer laser, the technician seems more experienced/mature. (10 years exp.)


As the hair on my back is not very thick at the bottom (and also fearing inducing hair) i was thinking it may be a good idea to take it slow and just work on laser-ing my shoulders/neck where it is thick, see how that goes then tackle the other areas later ?

Or should i just head straight to Electrolysis ?


Also exactly what does induced hair look like ? fine stray hair ?


  • What spot size was used? Joules are meaningless without it.

  • Most of the hair in the photo is on the finer side. I doubt laser would work on most of it. The middle/upper back right in the middle is coarse and dense. That’s about it. The rest will need electrolysis.

  • They should definitely be shaving before the treatment.

Bottom line, if you want to try treating with laser, I’d only do that one part at the top middle of your back. The rest needs electrolysis. Or you can go for electrolysis right away for everything.

Without shaving you burn the hair on the skin - so using effective settings you will burn your skin a lot.

You need to have approx. 1mm long hair before every session to avoid burning the skin and not to get ingrowth hair.

Shoulders, neck and upper arms in men should be better solution electrolysis…

Unsure of spot size but the larger size judging on the length of sessions.

And yeah, after a lot of research I’ve decided to go straight to Electrolysis.