Male Neck?


Hey everyone,
I have been thinking about removing the hair on my neck, but im not sure. It does not look bad or anything and in any other case I would want to keep it. Heres my problem though. Since the hair on my neck really isn’t that thick, when I shave I get really bad razor burn. I have tried a bunch of things to avoid it, and I even shave about once every 4-5 days with a mach 3 turbo. Im just tired or getting such bad razor burn. SO im thinking electrolysis may be the answer to my problem but im not sure. What does everyone else think? The area is about 1-1 1/2 inches tall and maybe 3 inches long. How much does this generally cost, and would the results be effective? Really I think electrolysis would solve the problem and avoid my neck from scaring up. I just need more information. What about pain, im assuming the neck is pretty sensitive? Any other males have this done? Thanks


Yours is a common problem that electrologists clear up all the time. I myself have had this work done. If the area you need cleared is that small, you are in the best of luck. You could easily afford to use the most comfortable, and most effective methods available and get quick results at the same time.

Of course you should look to find the best practitioner in your area regardless of modality used. Having said that, were I in your situation, I would do Blend or Galvanic, as you can get a good treatment, that is set for comfort, while keeping efficacy in tact.

When settings are made, the things that must be taken into consideration are the energy needed to give effective treatment, and the tolerance of the client to high levels of treatment energy. Since your area is so small, you can go for a long treatment duration with lower settings, and get both comfort and permanent hair removal the first time around. You should be able to keep this area clear from the first appointment on. You may need to be seen as regularly as once a month in the beginning but it should drop off to once in 3 months in no time. In any event, that area will be clear in 9 to 18 months time with very few treatments, and very few hours of treatment time.


I assume you mean front of the neck. Many men have hairs growing in lots of directions there, which is why many men get razor burn on this sensitive skin.

Cleanup with electrolysis on this area can be a great option, but neck skin is VERY easily damaged by the energy needed to kill coarse beard hairs. For that reason, you want to go to someone with a LOT of experience clearing male facial hair.