Male: Lighter/Thinner Waxing Results?

I’m pretty hairy. I’ve started electrolysis and have been going for several months now. I’m working on my back, first and foremost, and my ears.

As for my face, I don’t mind my stubble, I actually really like it.

So the only other areas that are hairy are my legs, arms, chest and bum. Those areas I’ve come to “somewhat” terms with since it’s more socially acceptable to have hair there than on your ears or back.

Before I went in for electrolosis, I thought I would do my whole body. However, it is costly and painful, and if I can get through my back, I don’t want to spend my life with electrolysis and let my hair interfere with my social life. I’m still thinking about that one. I’ve put so much on hold that I’d like to take back my life sometime soon.

So for the areas of my legs, arms, chest and bum, I’m looking for at least making the hairs less coarse, softer and lighter. I’m wondering, is WAXING the best method for this??? I meant, does it really get it lighter and thinner, or does it depend? I can deal with lighter and thinner. If I choose any of those areas for electrolysis, it would be my bum. I thought about laser, but it’s quite costly and I’ve seen many people burned or leave with poor result and full regrowth! Anyone have any comments/recommendations/advice?

I wonder how many times I would have to wax my chest, legs, arms or bum for it to grow back lighter and thinner? I know most people go to get it all removed but if it means that I only have to do it 2-3X before it’s the lightest/thinnest it will be, that might be fine with me. Will I always have to exfoliate in the shower or is that just immediately 4 weeks into waxing (and before another session?) I might consider electrolysis for my chest, but I am thinking of waxing because since I shaved it before many times, the hair is coarse and thick, and it hurts if it grows longer than 5 days. It picks my shirt. I just want it to be thinner and lighter.

If you can recommend any professional salons/waxers in the LA area (even thouse that will work on the genital area), please let me know.

Thanks again! This forum is extremely helpful!


It is a bit hit-and-miss expecting that waxing will make the hair lighter and/or thinner after a couple of sessions… It will seem that way for a while, until all the hairs start to go into growth again… if you wax frequently, say every 4-6 weeks, then you will be able to keep a relatively clean look… but waxing is not a permanent solution… I have been waxing for many years, and my lower legs are thinning out, but my chest and arms etc are just as they were 10 or 20 years ago…

If your electro sessions are slow and painful, then you might want to look for another electrologist…

Good luck,


Is a “bum” a butt???

Waxing is mass tweezing. Tweezing in most cases makes hair stronger and sturdier, but only after many months (years) of repeated waxing. On the lower legs, thinning hair can be mistaken for success from waxing when in fact, as we reach middle age, that hair would be thinning any way due to hormonal influence and/or circulatory changes to the lower extremities. Waxing really won’t cause the hair to grow back thinner and lighter after 2 - 3 treatments, or no matter how many treatments you care to do. I wouldn’t waste my time or the pain on that assumption.

Some people have said they get that thinning and lightening you desire for the areas you mentioned with a good laser treatment program and a good laser practioner. Unfortunately, some don’t get the desired results.

Our dear redhead that posts here frequently would be more of a consumer expert that could give you good input about laser and maybe where to go in the LA area or near his neck of the woods. Not sure if he could recommend a good waxing salon, but maybe someone reading this could. You could try a post on the laser forum to catch his attention. In the meantime, stay with your electrologist if you are happy, otherwise, trying someone else like David advised who is a little faster might be all you really need---- along with a consistent paln and patience.