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To the HT community,

I am a white male that has thick dense black hair on my forearms - essentially it looks like a forearm hair sleeve.

I am interested in reducing the density and thickness of the hair on my forearms so that I still have hair on my forearms but not nearly as much.

The most important thing is that the results look natural since I spend time in short sleeves when the weather is warm and it would bother me if the results didn’t look outstanding.

I am debating between laser and electrolysis - with the goal of having my sessions/final results ready for when the weather gets warm by around May 2015.

I’d like to hear people’s thoughts on whether laser in conjunction with electrolysis is best, if laser-only would be effective, or something else??

It would be especially helpful if other males who have had this done could share their experience(s) and provide photos if handy.

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from others

I’ve just had my 4th treatment on my forearms, and think this could be my last. With treatments at 2-monthly intervals, there was not much regrowth by the time my 4th session came up. So it will be interesting to see how much regrowth I get as I’m taking the whole of summer off treatments so I can enjoy the sun.

It’s not totally hair-free since I had a mix of dark brown and very light brown (almost blond) hairs. The lasers only took out the dark stuff. I think any regrowth will look pretty natural.


Do you know the laser machine you’re being treated with and the settings used?

We started out with a diode laser which was able to pick up the lighter hairs. Then, after we’d pushed up the settings as high as my skin type would allow, we moved to a ND:Yag laser. Because the ND:Yag only targets very dark pigment, that allowed us to crank the settings up much higher still without burning my skin. But the tradeoff is that it no longer worked so well on the lighter hairs.

I don’t know the exact settings sorry - but they varied according to my pain threshold anyway.


If you wouldn’t mind, could you please share photos of the results of your forearms so that I can see how they look after 1, 2, 3, and 4 sessions (to the extent you have pics).

Were you looking for complete removal of the hair on your forearms or just reduce the amount/density of hair in the area?

Curious to hear about your experience in greater detail.


Sorry, I don’t have photos earlier, but I’ve just taken a photo for you now. This is my forearm after 4 treatments (but I’m MUCH more tanned now than I was for the treatments).

You can still see one or two thicker hairs remaining - that’s basically the thickness of the hairs that were covering the whole forearm. So far, I’m very happy with the result.

Hope that helps.

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Great laser reduction results! You are nearly hairless. What laser device made this happen for you?

I have seen the same thing with a few of my female electrolysis clients.

Bear in mind that it’s only been about 6 weeks since the 4th treatment, so it’s still early days really. But I was happy enough with the results after 3 sessions that I nearly didn’t go back for a 4th, so I’m not expecting significant regrowth now. (I’m not too concerned if I dont get full clearance on the forearms - my main reason for going was to treat shoulders and back.)

As above, that was 2 sessions on a diode laser, then 2 on the ND:Yag.