Male Laser Hair Reduction in UK

Hi Guys,
I’m male (25) currently having electrolysis ‘down below’ to remove excess hair and would say I’m well versed in the hair removal industry. I am all over extremely coarse dark hairy, face, legs, butt, arms & back. I have skin that tans but stay out the sun because I’m a bit conscious of all the hair.
I’d really just like about a 30% reduction in my body hair all over but I guess it would take my whole life through electrolysis. I don’t mind being a bit hairy but at the moment its awful.
Consequently, I was thinking about laser for reduction purposes and thought this may only require a few treatments & not the whole shebang (I tried laser once before where I now have electrolysis and wasn’t too impressed with the results, although I was looking for permanency back then). I have the following concerns

1, chances of patchy unnatural regrowth look after especially on visible areas such as arms and legs
2, chances of patchy skin through ‘burns’ etc
3, correct laser to look for

I was wondering if anyone could offer any feedback of their experiences or make a recommendation in the UK

I don’t have high expectations but like I say I’m only looking for a reduction


it’s hard to achieve “reduction” as you describe with laser since laser “shots” target a certain area about 10-18mm in size. so, basically, you would only be able to remove “patches” of hair with each shot. of course, some of the hair may come back, but there is no way to know in advance, so there is a “risk” (although i wouldn’t call it that since you know laser targets “patches” of hair") that it will be patchy afterwards. if the hair does grow back, it’s usually thinner and finer though, which is nice.

alexandrite or diode lasers are best for dark hair and light skin. Nd:Yag lasers are best for skin type IV and over. laser doesn’t work on blond hair.

do a “search” on this website. There are a few recommendations for the UK.

Good luck

i recommend lasercare ( all the practioners are nurses and so far i’ve had good results.

I am not in the UK (rather, Texas), but you are correct to be concerned about patchy results. In general, on body hair, the reduction is over the entire area. On my underarms, I notice less hair each treatment and it just appears thinned out (as, I suspect, you wish to have). However, on the face, I have noticeable bald patches in my beard. After each treatment, more patches. As I wish to have full clearance, this is good news. It is a bother during this year since I must shave more frequently to avoid looking like a mutant <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> Good luck!