male hair removal

Hi everyone. I have always been self conscious about my body hair. Its not a HUGE problem, but I feel horrible about myself so for the past two years or so I have been on a mission to find the best method for hair removal. I started off waxing my whole body, mainly my chest and legs. For a while this was great but it hurt like hell. So this one day I raised up about 1600 dollars and got laser hair removal. And it all went to waste because 6 months later I am the same as I was. (I’m a perfect candidate too, but the waxing may have had a really bad effect on the laser) Anyhow my mission was to thin out the hair on my legs and have a nice smooth chest.
So I read about sand paper and how it may help. I clipped the hair on my legs and chest and sanded it down gently every day for about 4 days. And I’m really happy with the results. I feel like sanding made my hair lighter and some hairs got pulled out. I’m just experimenting right now but I think this may work for me. The two drawbacks are if you sand down too hard you get bald spots because it actually cut the hair. NOT good for what I’m looking for. Also your hair feels weird, like dry. I think moisturizer works a little. Well, I hope that helps anyone… if you do try it, use like 400 grit sandpaper, and be careful because you may irritate your skin. Small circles and gentle. And this is obviously only temporary. If anyone knows if this has been done before by men, let me know! Thanks.

Has this method been tried in the underarm and pubic areas? How long does it take? Wouldn’t shaving do the same thing? Doesn’t the skin get raw?

I find friction works OK for arms and legs, but my armpit and chest skin is too sensitive for that.


Just an interesting note here. Sandpaper is very usefull in removing minor scars. I have never used this myself for hair removal and I must admit I was quite surprised to see that it can be done. Cyclists often get “sprocket cuts” if they have an accident. These can be deep cuts to the lower legs, usually requiring stiches, and will leave visible scars. After these cuts have fully healed and completely closed (Important!), light application of 150 grit sandpaper to remove the upper epidermis (dead skin cells)accelerates the body’s natural skin replacement process and helps removes scars. I have removed two sprocket cut scars completely using this method and one bad burn mark on my legs.

All one has to do is to lightly rub the sandpaper in a circular motion over the affected area. The “powder” that results is dead skin. In my experiance this should not be done more that once a week as the skin will become red and mildly inflamed afterwards for about 2 days, and it must recover.

Just remember if it begins to hurt you are going to far, so be carefull and be very sure you disinfect everything properly before and after you use this method. it will take about 3 to 6 “treatments” to remove stubborn scars.


While I cannot recommend abrading your own scars, especially on the face, there are options to help with this.

Another less invasive option for scar revision is silicone sheeting, which can significantly improve a scar if used according to instructions. You can get this at the drugstore-- ask the pharmacist.

For scars, espeically on the face or hands, the best bet is to speak with a dermatologist about your options, rather than taking things into your own hands and possibly making it worse. If you do try a home remedy, err on the side of caution-- go slow!

could scars from home electrolysis be removed by silicon sheating or sand paper, and what exactly is that silicon thing and what does it do, thanx

Leave the sand paper alone!

The silicone sheeting softens the skin and aids in scar revision by helping to break down fiberous tissue. When used as directed, the area frequently returns to its previous elasticity and the raised area levels off.

Speaking of Silicone Sheeting, I’ve been using tbis myself, I think. It’s a product called 2nd Skin Scar Therapy Gel. In five months of using it on a fourteen year old scar on my face, I have seen significant improvement. It’s working for me and it could work for you too so try it by all means.