Male hair removal on chest -- Electrolysis?

Hi all –

I’m trying to work out if electrolysis will work for me. I have excess hair on my chest, shoulders and back. I’m fair skinned and quite sensitive, so I’m wary of a treatment that might leave scarring. Waxing my stomach is incredibly painful for me, so I’m nervous that electrolysis will have bad results. Has anyone had experience with hair removal on the torso using electrolysis? Males especially. How should I go about working out my suitability for this treatment?

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luceluna: I am a male and I have had all of my chest,underarm and pubic hair removed without any scarring or any other problem. Have your electrolysis start with your underarm hair. If you have a scarring problem no one will notice it and you can then decide if you want to risk a similar problem on the chest where it would be more noticable.

Hello luceluna;
You would like to know if someone has had hair removal of the areas you described, via electrolysis. Well rest assured you’re making the correct decision. I have had all my hair removed from my back, shoulders and chest. And I had a lot of hair. You could pick me up by grabbing the hair on either my back or chest. Voila, I have not a strand of hair left today. I too have light skin, but I have a higher pain threshold level than a lot of males. I know, as I do electrolysis for a living and take pleasure in seeing the positive transformation in peoples lives once they get rid of the hair that bothers them. To get to the point, I went approx. 4 hrs. per week for the first year (that is, for 52 weeks consistently). Beginning the second year, I went for 2 hrs. per week (for 52 weeks nonstop). In the third year I went for 1 hr. per week for about 6 months, then really started to taper off to approx. two (2 hr. sessions per month for the following 6 months). So far this year (2004) I have gone for 3 hrs for a little cleanup here and there as I am fussy and precise. The moral of my story is that electrolysis absolutely does work, but, 1) You have to make the commitment before you start electrolysis that you are determined to get rid of your hair permanently for once and for all, and 2) once you have made the committment, do stick with the plan and schedule and you will be surprised at the changes you will see to your body, self-esteem, etc. etc. You must be consistent, do not quit. I had all flash thermolysis done. Yes it can hurt, but I have a high pain tolerance level, and I used mental prowess to overcome the burning brain nerve synapses. In other words you will learn to use mind over matter to help you through this. Because I know electrolysis, I knew what I wanted. I had many small bruises and pinpoint scabs which go away after a few days. But again I wanted the electrologist to hit me hard and fast. She did and the results are unbelievable. How would you like to have a chest and back that is smooth like a baby’s bottom. Point is, yes my friend if you can find a good, competent electrologist that you can work with then you should have no difficulty achieving the look you want. I wish you success and I know you will be very pleased with the results that electrolysis can do for you.

I’m sorry I forgot to reply to your query about suitability. What I do in my consultation for a new client, be it male or female, is do a 15 to 30 min. free treatment on an area that is inconspicious if possible. I only use gold filaments in my practise to decrease any negative skin reactions. Here I determine the follicle sizes, hence the filament sizes required, what stage of growth the majority of the hair is in, as close as I possibly can, an approximation of hair depths,and the clients reactions to whatever modality I deem will create the most effective treatment. Here you will see how sensitive you are and how much discomfort you can tolerate. You and your electrologist must work closely together now and watch your skin to see to what degree it reacts and how quick is your healing time especially as relates to eschars or pinpoint scabs. You should not hurt nor should you have any scarring. If so, stop and try a different electrologist. Again, lots of success to you.

Eddy, it sounds like to get your chest & back done it would cost tens of thousands of dollars. Is that the case? I’m looking to get those areas removed and I am trying to figure out how much time and cost it will take. I am also trying to figure out where I should get laser or electro. I would like quick results, but at the same time I definately want permanent results. Any suggestions?


Please read very carefully It will help you find a proficient electrologist near you. Need more help just email me.