Male Hair Problems

I am a 30 yr old male and have had 20+ laser treatments in the past 3 years on my back, upper arms and shoulders. Before that I have electrolysis done on on my neck and shoulders. Now I am “enjoying” full regrowth, an empty bank account and daily self esteem issues and depression. I must say that during laser I had some “hair-free time” and got to live care free especially at the beach for a little while. I would like to say to anyone who can afford laser and wants the euphoria of being shirtless at a beach go for it, and take pictures to remember. I only dream of the day I am rid of my uninvited folicular guests forever. I have olive skin, and unwanted black and dark brown hairs on the arms shoulders and back. The growth is not too dense and some spots have finer hairs than others. I had lost most of the hair on my head which coincided with the growth on my back by the age of 26. Hairyness runs in my family to different degrees. This concerns me that my genes and hormones may not allow me to be hair free. I want to try full blown, agressive electrolysis but don’t want to be let down by the results, I can’t handle another defeat. I am researching electrolysists and dermatologists and I am determined to find the best treatment. But, I still have doubts of permanency. Can anyone share their results or any information on my type of situation. Referalls in Massachusetts would be helpful. I have read this board for a long time and look forward to posting my results and maybe one day inviting all of you to a beach party when our miracle cure is found.

hey, i’m 17 right now so i’m a while off from being able to get laser hair removal. I have a decent abmou of hair on my back shoulders upper arms etc. How did you deal with it in college and when people kept asking to go to the beach or wanted to play shirts and skins outside during sports? My friends know but they are still asses about it and keep insisting on going swimming. Also, i’m going to be going to college soon so showers and having a roommate will be kinda wierd.

Some of your friends know you are a bit hairy, but they don’t know how you feel. They just don’t. They might just know that you have a bit more hair than them, they probably might laugh a bit, because the hair are not on their body, they don’t really care.

Okay, back to you. One easiest way is just to wax yourself. Or shave before you go to beach. There are many guys who shave or wax before going to beaches, trust me.

BTW, you probably need to practice waxing or shaving skills a bit :smile:

Thank you for sharing with us, and I feel sorry for such bad results you have.
I guess you must be one of the unlucky ones.

For me, I’ve had Lasers for nearly one year, and had pretty satisfactory results with laser. (about 5 or 6 treatments in total). I then switched to electrolysis, and have been in electrolysis for more than a year (still on). What I found, laser made all my re-grown hair a lot finer and lighter, however, I still can notice that I have lots of new hair growing out from time to time. For me, electrolysis is a slower and more painful also more expensive treatment.

Thanks for your replies. I did and still do shave when neccesary. I have never waxed, I hear that plucking the hair will make it stronger. Xcat- you are not alone. I did not get hairy until after college. My best advice is to feel confident about yourself. Get educated and get a good job and then deal with the problem. Do not let the hair control your life. Do what you have to do to be happy. I cannot honestly recommend laser as permanent. Maybe you should tell your parents about your problem. They can help.

Ants- How is your elecrolysis working? What areas? I would not consider myself unlucky. Laser worked well. My last treatment left me hair free for almost four months. It is the expense. I am paying a lot for just temporary results. Why not pay for permanent results if permanent is really possible?

it just really sucks though. I’ve lost the prime of my life for going to the beach and anything else that involves walking around without a shirt. I can’t do gymnastics anymore nor track because they both involve exposing skin on the upper body. It really sucks. Sorry I had to gripe because no one else i know has this problem or really understands how much it sucks.

XCat, we, on this forum, do understand. I’m almost 60 years old, and for a long time now, I’ve been able to look back on my life and see had HAIR has controlled my life. This problem has had a very large effect on my whole personality. And, I’ve missed out on doing so many things that others take for granted. You are very lucky to be young enough to take advantage of modern technology.

hi. im a female with excessive body and facial hair. you think that you guys have it bad, think how much worse it would be if you were female. in between bouts of waxing, shaving, whatever, you have to deal with hairiness…which is socially unacceptable if you are a female. at least if you’re a male you can have hair and people won’t think much of it. be grateful that you are men, not women. in addition, i’ve been thinking of having laser hair removal, but with what i’ve read it looks like i have no hope. perhaps one day in the near future there will be a procedure that really does remove hair permanently…and i will see light at the end of this (hairy) tunnel…that sounded so very wrong…

</font><blockquote><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>quote:</font><hr /><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>Ants- How is your elecrolysis working? What areas? I would not consider myself unlucky.</font><hr /></blockquote><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>It’s good, and I can see the results slowly. Areas? genital area (I shall leave that bit in Mature section) and stomach + underarms.

Just wax or shave before you go out. Probably you will need to shave everyweek, but once you got used to, you will be all right.

Hey guy’s,

I have the same problem as the rest of you. Something which I have found to be “somewhat” helpful is use a beard trimmer with an adjustable depth attachment. You can trim down the hair so it looks a little better. Having the hair shorter restores a little confidence in yourself. I looked into Laser Hair Removal and to get the upper arms, shoulders and back done it costs appr. $4700.00 and they only guarentee it for 2 years. I’m still debating on that one.
If your thinking about getting the Laser or Electrolysis done, stay away from WAXING.
This actually will HINDER the ability for good results on both Laser and Elctrolysis.

damn genetics,

Have you checked your hormonal levels with your endocrinologist? It could be the hormones and not genetics. Always good to be safe.

About hair removal:
There is a permanent hair removal method which has been enjoyed by consumers for over 100 yrs. Of course, the equipment has passed generations of improvement, but the old good principle is the same. This method is called electrolysis. Why wait and suffer when you could be smooth and enjoying life much more?
Good luck!


With this money you can pay for about 80 hrs of electrolysis. And this is substantial time to permanently remove a lot of hair. And it’s guaranteed for life. Think about it.

</font><blockquote><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>quote:</font><hr /><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>Originally posted by damn genetics:
<strong>hi. im a female with excessive body and facial hair. </strong></font><hr /></blockquote><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>Yeah i was actually thinking about how awful that must be after a woman posted her results for facial hair removal. I guess it’s one more expierence we are all going through that, in the end, will hoefully make us all better people in some way.

to original poster:

that would be a treament every 1.8 months

what laser was used?
what power levels?
you body type is olive, what color hair?

just trying to understand your situation

I am in the process of getting lightsheer on my back and shoulders. I am pale white but can tan. I have dark coarse hair.

I had first treatment at 31 joules
waited 2 months
have minimal growback in that time, probably 30%.

Just had second treatment.

I am going for 5 or 6 treatments and then hopefully do 1 or 2 per year after that to clear out new growth. I hear its best to wait 6 months if you are questioning if its working. this give a decent time frame for several stages of hair growth to occur.