Male Hair Problems

I am a 30 yr old male and have had 20+ laser treatments in the past 3 years on my back, upper arms and shoulders. Before that I have electrolysis done on on my neck and shoulders. Now I am “enjoying” full regrowth, an empty bank account and daily self esteem issues and depression. I must say that during laser I had some “hair-free time” and got to live care free especially at the beach for a little while. I would like to say to anyone who can afford laser and wants the euphoria of being shirtless at a beach go for it, and take pictures to remember. I only dream of the day I am rid of my uninvited folicular guests forever. I have olive skin, and unwanted black and dark brown hairs on the arms shoulders and back. The growth is not too dense and some spots have finer hairs than others. I had lost most of the hair on my head which coincided with the growth on my back by the age of 26. Hairyness runs in my family to different degrees. This concerns me that my genes and hormones may not allow me to be hair free. I want to try full blown, agressive electrolysis but don’t want to be let down by the results, I can’t handle another defeat. I am researching electrolysists and dermatologists and I am determined to find the best treatment. But, I still have doubts of permanency. Can anyone share their results or any information on my type of situation. Referalls in Massachusetts would be helpful. I have read this board for a long time and look forward to posting my results and maybe one day inviting all of you to a beach party when our miracle cure is found.

Electrolysis has a history of permanence for over 100 yrs. Laser has no history and is proven not to have permanence.

So what’s the catch? It is simple and difficult at the same time. Electrolysis is very much practitioner dependent. And I can’t emphasize this enough. Read on how to find the best electrologist in your area. Get many trial appointments with everyone around. And once you find your dream electrrologist, stick to the appointment schedule. You’re not the first and not the last to be made permanently hair free.

Good luck!

P.S. Did you hear about Harvey Grove in Marlboro, MA? If you can make it to him, you need to look no further.

Hi there kermit.

You said that you had electrolysis on your neck and back before laser was started. How many electrolysis treatments did you have before you decided to give laser a try? Also, why did you switch to laser?


I have had experience with men whose genetics were bound and determined to see to it that every last follicle on the treatment area was recruited to grow hair before we were done, and although it took longer than “normal men” we still were able to get to a point where we kept the appearance of being finished, and in the end won the fight to get clear bare skin.

One just needs to get on the schedule and stick to it with someone who is able to provide good treatment coupled with a workable speed.

Thanks for the replies. I had about 10 electrolysis treatments on my neck and shoulders. I think it did some good, maybe a few less hairs. I decided to try laser after researching it on the internet. At the time everyone claimed it to be permanent so I “invested” close to $10,000 over 3+ years and I have more hair than ever. I wonder if I have just stuck with electrolysis maybe I would be done and happy now? Or would I still be going every week. Like many others here I wish there could be tangible proof that any hair removal method is permanent. I would like to hear “I had … done and I am really permanently hair free.” I would really like to hear a male say that he had his back done five years ago and no hair has grown back. And now he has his all of his confidence and self esteem back. I am willing to give electolysis a shot because I feel I have no other choice. I really just need some reassurance that I am not going to waste more time and money.

If you could prove that your laser practitioner promised you permanent hair removal, you could get your money back. The reason being, because laser is not permanent hair removal and it is illigal to advertise it as such. I’ve heard of people who got their money back directly or went through the court.

Your reaction (increased hair growth) was only documented in women and primarily on the face. Who said that it cannot affect men in a similar way? Another possibility is that you didn’t yet reach the age at which you stop to grow new hair.

Electrolysis, on the other hand, has been the only method of permanent hair removal for over 100 yrs. There have been plenty of posts here from ppl who are done and happy long term.

If you were not happy with your previous electrolysis treatments, you may see a whole different picture with a different electrologist. Try as many as you can. Make sure they don’t tweeze and don’t overtreat you. Reasonable speed is also an important factor.

Good luck!

yb- More than one person at laser place I went to said it would be permanent and I went trough several technicians who also told me that my results were good and it would only take a few more treatments until I was “done”. I really feel that I was duped. To top it off during my last treatment the tech turned up the power and left 60+ serious burns on my back. Then I was rushed into another room and the owner had students look at my burns to see what not to do. Then by his direction I was treated with some metal roller device and was told it would help the burn and treat hair as well and I would not have to pay any extra for that treatment. Not only did the burns hurt they lasted all summer. I was humiliated buy the fact that after all the money and time spent, I was hair free for the summer but because of the burns I did not want take my shirt off much last summer. What a waste!
Please tell me more about how I could get my money back. Thanks

It is one of the things that has always made me scratch my head about the LASER vs Electrolysis debate. I can’t keep my clients out of the sun and without makeup for the measly 24 to 72 hours that is asked of electrolysis (we perfer 72 hours, but one must, must, must give at least 24) meanwhile LASER has a medically stated 6 week healing time, during which one is supposed to avoid sun exposure. Your whole summer could be over before your skin is cleared for sun exposure, and that doesn’t mean that it is yet to the point where you want to show it off to anyone.

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First off, you should have sued the moment you were burned.

Can you prove that they promised you permanent hair removal? It can get tricky because they can legally promise permanent hair “reduction”. It doesn’t mean that the reduction you get will stay permanently, but the wording will get them off the hook.

So if you can proove it, then contact them by certified mail asking for the refund based on their false advertising. You can include a threat about suing them for the burns to show them your teeth. Send them a print out from the FDA website that says that laser is not permanent hair removal.

If they do not settle the matter to your satisfaction, you might need to go to court. In small claims court (under $5K) you don’t need a lawyer and it will cost you about $15 to file the claim. The jury is almost guaranteed to be on your side.

Did you see a doctor for your burns? If you have a documented record of it, it should get any lawyer interested. You’ll get your money back and then some cash to finish off your electrolysis treatments and then maybe for a good vacation with a smooth back.

If they see that you’re talking substance and you’re serious, they should be willing to settle on something. They probably have malpractice insurance, but the insurance will not cover inafficacy. It’s another incentive for them to work something out for you.

Good luck, and let us know what happens.


Laser is only as good as the practioner using it. I think that is one of the most underestimated aspects of the procedure. I’ve also been having treatments on my back/shoulders/arms. Believe me, I’ve found a place and I’ll only see on specific practioner.

I’ve had to go for more than the stated average treatments (whatever that means). Recently I decided to stop for 6 months; from what I’ve read (and I may be wrong here) but that is just about the amount of time it takes for all the hairs that are going to regrow to come back.

There were more than I had hoped, but there was definitely significant clearance and thinning.

I’m 35 and have been getting the treatments for 2 years. How old were you when you started. I believe the current laser literature says that for men the best results are found after age 35. (With the obvious caveat that everyone is different).

I’m not here to try to sell you back into laser. Just to offer up some possible suggestions for the less than stellar results that you got.

I go to Advanced Laser Clinics. They have offices popping up all over the place and have reasonable prices/packages. But like I said, it’s not ALC that I like, it’s the practioner. I’d follow her if she left even if it was more expensive.

Just my $.02

The following is my OPINION.
My Credentials…I am the founding editor of the JOURNAL of the AMERICAN ELECTROLOGY ASSOCIATION, who is BOARD CERTIFIED and LICENSED. I worked for a dermatologist for 10 years until he died of cancer. I treated his patients and he was liable for anything I did. I believe you can understand NO DOCTOR WANTS TO BE LIABLE FOR WORK HE DID NOT DO , consequently, this reflects the confidence he had in me, my ethics and my skills.

All Electrologists and laser wielders are in business to make a buck or two, consequently, each is biased in favor of the process they use and that is what you are reading above.

FDA regulations state “lasers are PRESCRIPTION DEVICES that can not be operated by or sold to anyone not licensed to use them in the states where they practice”.

There is ABSOLUTELY NO STATE THAT ISSUES A LICENSE TO BE A LASER TECHNICIAN (as of today 3/2/04) and there is no CERTIFYING AGENCY to certify them. This makes ALL OF THESE PEOPLE WHO CLAIM TO BE “CERTIFED LASER TECHNICIANS” LIARS AND CHEATS who are out to make more than a few bucks on people who are desparate to remove hair and who have little or no knowledge of the biology of hair growth. Patients do not know what questions to ask. Operators only answer the questions asked and often the answers are wrong (sorry, but that is the way it is).

One famous hospital in Boston no longer does laser hair removal. They have returned money to those who complained. Also… NO person is allowed to use a laser except a physician. NO NURSES, NO NURSE PRACTITIONERS, NO PHYSICIAN ASSISTANTS. THIS IS HOSPITAL POLICY. A laser is a surgical instrument that is supposed to destroy LIVE TISSUE (the hair root) and this makes it an invasive surgical procedure. The incidence of scarring, burns, discoloration, etc. is proof the light invades the body. This light converts to heat when it reaches certain colors of skin and hair. White hair and blonde hair are not affected. Darker colors will “vaporize” but it is the root that is the real target. If the root is not reached the patient paid for a “laser shave” (these are the words of Dr. Rox Anderson of Harvard who is the nation’s leading laser investigator and was recently appointed to be chief of the Wellman Laser Laboratories at Mass. Gen’l. Hospital for his contributions in this field.

ALL electrologists say they are experts, however, very few graduated at the top of their class. You have yo be your own advocate and do your homework. When lasers first came out all womens magazines had article about how magical they were. Ten years later a few have published retractions but the press does not like to admit they are wrong so most ignore the subject ecept to accept false advertisements.

We have as many follicles on our body as a gorilla. Many of them will never grow hair. The big difference is we grow hairs in cycles that are NOT synchronized, therefore, we do not see all the hair that is really there. Much gets rubbed off when we towel ourself off (look at the floor and see them) and they will all grow back. Clothing rubs many off too. Whatever you show to the electrologist or laser wielder is a small fraction of what is really there.

Electrolysis takes about 3 seconds per hair and is PERMANENT. As men and women grow older they grow more hair in the wrong places. Men grow hair on their ears, nose, backs and even their penis (not often) while women grow hair on the face when they become perimenopausal. If a patient is seen BEFORE ALL the hair has grown in there is no way of knowing how much more they will have in a year or two or more. There is NO ABSOLUTE WAY to predict how long it will take to remove hair on the back if the patient is still growing additional hair. If the electrologist or laser wielder makes such statements see if it is in their advertising or on their web site. Also look for litterature in the office to see if they are making false claims about permanency. This will enable you to get your money back (false advertising). There are many consumer laws that allow TREBLE DAMAGES PLUS ATTOURNEYS FEES.