Male for females - help ...


I’m a male who doesn’t like hair at the “wrong” places (for metrosexual-reasons…)

I bought my first ONE TOUCH about 15 years ago (I always had similiar devices like from Babyliss…), and I used them from time to time intensively to remove hair from body and face …

I KNOW that the system really works for definitive removement (I just changed the elastic spring to a compact piece…) and by now I’m also very skilled in this method (using it for myself, I’m “better” than any “pro”, because, of course, I “feel” the needle and I have the patience to go on until there’s no resistance anymore…), the problem, as you know all, is duration of the treatment …

I want to start again and remove the hair from my chest completely, but many hairs from there need 1 minute and more (!) to be completed (on device’s highest level) …

I’d really love to be able to remove them with just a few seconds a hair, so it would take me only a few hours to complete the whole chest, therefore I’m considering buying a better device, and I’m willing to pay about 300 - 400 $ for it (after chest there are some more places I could treat, so it’s worth spending some money on it, but someday it’s enough, too, and there won’t be more need for it), but I don’t know which one I should take for my specific demands (I’ve already read some posts here about this topic, but I’m still unsure…).

Thanks for your help, ladies!

Your demands are for a low end machine like the sterex sx-t or similar. Maybe even harder to find as used system than the equipment typically used by professionals.

You did notice the following thread, didn’t You - ?

I’m like you! Got good with a One Touch, but decided it was too slow and bought a real machine ($500 total for an Instantron Elite).

It was worth it because I’ve already given myself way more than $500 worth of professional treatments. Plus when I’m done, I can resell it for close to what I paid for it, I’m sure. So the investment is sound. :slight_smile:

I use thermolysis now and I count to 8 for each hair (I count faster than a second, so it’s more like 5-6 seconds per hair plus a second for insertion). I think that’s as fast as many professionals. It goes slower on areas where I can’t see the insertion as well though, like my tummy. Because of this, I suspect your chest won’t be super speedy or easy. But still doable. Many people here suggest training a buddy to do it for you.

Chesthair-Removal is no problem - I work with a mirror that enlarges things …

And after these few seconds the hair come out without any resistance?
That would be great!

So basically every mentioned/recommended device on threads here, like the “ebay”-one, is “strong” enough to achieve such a speed …?

By the way; what do you think of this one?:

Seems to be a galvanic-only-thing - any chance to get this work as fast as with the other methods (thermolysis, blend) …?

Til now I do know only the “One-Touch”-method - I read about different methods; so galvanic seems to be effective, but slow, thermolysis fast, but not as effective, and blend is the one to use to combine these advantages …?
Therefore do I actually have any advantage by buying a more expensive galvanic-only-device?


DE-5000 SORISA 450 EUROS!!! And are negotiable! I would not pass up this opportunity.

All 3 methods are effective. Thermolysis is harder to do, so not recommended for DYI.

Yes, after counting to 8 the hair comes out totally easily. Obviously if you used lower settings it would take longer and higher settings would be faster, but I am not interested in experimenting with higher settings.

LAgirl is right that thermolysis is trickier so newbies should start with galvanic and then move on to blend (according to expert advice). You’ve already done well with galvanic, so I would look for a blend machine, and then you can try the thermolysis-only settings later if you want.

I would have done blend, but a knob was broken so I had to just bite the bullet and start with thermolysis. Ironically, I personally have found it easier because it hurts less than galvanic and never leaves a red mark or scabs or any side effects at all. But that’s just me, it’s still not recommended for a beginner. I got lucky.

Unfortunately blend-machines seem to be the most expensive ones …

But what’s the difficulty in thermolysis-treatment?
I mean, if it’s fast and without side effects, and hitting hairtube should be the same as with galvanic, because there is a needle, too, isn’t it …?

Now I’m lost. 499 pounds is more money than 450 euros, or not?

(Side effects can occur with either system, Blend, thermolysis, or galvanic)


Saw your offers, but I don’t speak spanish …

-> Private message

Oh no! This is not my offer. I only wanted to help you find a good machine for a good price.

I have looked in a Spanish professional forum and I saw that sold machines for professional use, for a very reasonable price. I know these machines because I worked with this brand and I can guarantee that they are of good quality. Include the Blend. Unfortunately, in Spain, Electrolysis is not in good popularity. For that reason you can find many good deals.

hzi- Thermolysis is harder because the timing is tighter. In galvanic or blend, if you overtreat by a few seconds it’s no big deal. But in thermolysis, even a single second too long and you can seriously hurt yourself. Also, the energy level varies sharply with the depth of insertion (shallow insertions are very “hot” and since they are so shallow, you can get some skin injuries if you’re not careful). Basically, thermolysis is very unforgiving and powerful, and easy to mess up. Unless your insertions are perfect, you could have issues.

Also, galvanic/blend causes lye production, as opposed to simply cooking the skin nearest to the probe (like with thermolysis). It also has a wider treatment area based on some of the diagrams I’ve seen. This means even if you miss the exact areas you want with the probe, the follicle will fill with lye and will still be treated in it’s entirety. So I suspect that for people who can’t insert perfectly, blend or galvanic would offer a higher likelihood of destroying the hair. For good insertions, I think the kill-rate is equal, but the chest may be tricky for perfect insertions.

Do expensive/professionel galvanic-only-devices actually have an advantage over “One Touch”-devices …?
I read somewhere, with galvanic method you have “2 minutes a hair” …

Professional grade machines that provide galvanic treatments have many benefits and features that leave the one touch in the dust. They can remove hair faster, as they can deliver higher treatment energies, that will cut down the amount of time needed per hair. Most would also have the benefit of allowing one to graduate to even faster blend treatments, once one is good enough at galvanic, and finally, IF one ever gets good enough, one could graduate to thermolysis. This is probably the best reason to get a nice used professional device for $100 to $500. If the machine has an auto sensor It will make self work even easier to do.

OF COURSE, WE STILL ADVISE HOME USERS TO PARTNER UP AND DO WORK ON EACH OTHER! It is just easier, and you get better quality insertions, and therefore less possibility of bad work, and negative side effects.

Hard to imagine how anyone else could treat me better than I, because, as I already wrote, I do FEEL the right way of insertion (talking only of “selfreachable” - does this word exist in english? - areas, of course)…

By the way; you’re all very kind here - I almost feel capable to switch to the next level of DIY - with a better device - now …

On behalf of everyone here, thank you for your kind words.
We are all here trying to help each other, and thanks to everyone working together, it works for all of us.

To say that working with someone else is better on areas you can’t reach is obvious, but even on areas where you can reach yourself, the other person will be able to get better angles most of the time, and therefore do better work. I would say that you want someone to train working on themselves, so they can get the feel of it, and have that feedback on what a good and bad insertion feels like, and what a good an bad treatment energy feels like, but after that, you are both better off trading work on each other.

If nothing else, you can split the cost of the good professional unit.

As someone who has been at the DIY electrolysis thing for a little while, I can definitely say James is right and getting the angle right is the hardest part. Even with a scope likes James’, it is very hard to get the angle since you can’t move the part of your body around like you could when working on another person. I can see the hair and its opening clear as day, but the angle I have to make an educated guess at times.

On the bright side, you at least have some feedback you can feel to help point you to the right angle.

You are very successful Vickie.
The direction in which the follicle under the skin, may vary at an angle of 180 degrees. The angle of needle insertion may vary another 90 degrees. Therefore, the chances of making a bad insertion is 90 multiplied by 180, ie, 16.199 forms of incorrect insertions, while there is only ONE way to insert correctly.