Male Facial Hair

I am currently about to finish my 12 sessions of professional laser hair removal (just finished 9th session) and I would like to continue doing it but do not have the money to do so. I have gotten extremely. great results and my face has responded so well. I have probably seen around an 80 percent reduction in my facial hair. I am considering purchasing a device so I can continue to remove my facial hair and other body parts (legs and chest.) What are the best devices for male body hair? Let me know if you have any questions or if I left something out.

Hey Adam,

I never got professional laser hair removal done, but have purchased at-home IPL machines that have helped me to keep the body hair away.

I purchased an IPL machine from the UK called the Ipulse Smooth Skin Extra from Boots back in July 2014. I did a lot of research and found that it has the highest fluency on the market at the highest setting (10J/cm2). I purchased it on Ebay because I live in Canada and Boots does not ship to North America. This device requires a cooling gel that I originally purchased from Ebay which is made by Boots, but I found a local medical supply company that sells clear ultrasound gel at a fraction of the cost and it does the same job.

I had a lot of neck hair that I wanted to get rid of. I hated shaving my neck because I would get ingrown hairs, irritation and red bumps. I use a numbing cream an hour before hand and use the IPL device at the highest setting. In 5 months of weekly treatments, I have almost no hair until just below the jaw line (a little bit more under the chin since the hair root is deeper). The skin looks fresh and clear with no shadow. I can now go for days without shaving the rest of my face and my beard looks like it was purposely shaped so I don’t look like a bum. Even with the numbing cream it still hurts a bit but in your case you have 80% reduction already achieved, it should not be as painful since mine is more dense.

This device is also very good for other parts of the body. I’ve used it on my upper legs and thighs, chest, abs, shoulders, lower back, and underarms. It takes commitment since you initially need to treat the areas for 12 weeks, every week. Then once every month after that for maintenance. The lamp is kind of small (3cm2) so that’s where you can lose patience. But, I’ve persisted and I am happy with the results and I didn’t spend a fortune on salon treatments.

I did purchase the Silk’n Flash and Go in April 2014 and used it for 3 months. But, I wasn’t happy with the results. It doesn’t seem strong enough for stronger male hair. I didn’t even attempt to use it on my frontal neck hair. Although, I do use it on my upper back and the top of my neck since I can reach these areas much easier with a hand held device that is not attached to a corded base.

Boots released an updated model called the Smooth Skin Gold in August 2014 which apparently is much faster because it has a glide and shoot feature and it requires no messy gel. But, it detects the skin type automatically and it will choice the light intensity for each body part you use it on. This could mean that it will take longer to see results because it will lower the intensity if it detects a darker skin tone. I guess they did this as a safety feature since there is no gel to cool the skin and you could burn yourself if you don’t test the skin when you on to another part of the body. It all depends on your skin type and how it would work on your facial hair. If you are pale (Type I) you should have no problems and see great results.

I hope this information was helpful to you. If you have any questions, please feel free to shoot me a message.


mI am thinking of buying the iluminage Touch elos, it has very good review but doing my research and sceptical