male facial hair removal


hello, im 24 years old and have pale skin (german/english decent) and dark fairly thick facial hair. the rest of my body isnt that bad but my faceial hair is darker and thicker than the rest of me.

i really want to get it removed cuz i dont like the way it looks and i also get alot of ingrown hairs and irratation if i shave everyday(wich i have 2 for work). i have 3 weeks off at xmas and i am really in need of some unbiased info about safest way to do so. also, will it look really weird after one or 2 treatments i.e " weird looking patches etc…?


If you have pale skin and dark hair, laser removal would be ideal. Electrolysis would most definitely leave scars and is more painful.

Laser hair removal, for men’s facial hair, takes about 3 treatments (that is what I have been told by those who have gotten it). The treatments span a rather elongated time period as well, several months sometimes.

New opinions and skepticism have surfaced. A lot of people think it may not be permanent, which irks me because it is very expensive. Most places I have looked up claim that it has been done for almost 7-10 years, and the people treated back then are still free of hair. So I am not sure.

I read on a clinic website that performs laser removal that to get your mustache zone done once is $400. So your entire face would be like $1,500 if not more. I read in a brochure for the nearest clinic to me that 3 treatments for a man and his facial hair come to almost 5k. I will not spend 5,000 on a treatment that may cause skin discoloration when my hair might grow months or years later.

I heard of a person once conning his medical insurance into paying for it. Perhaps if you make it out to be a severe medical problem they will?

My problem is similar to your own. I have hated the idea of facial hair since I was about five years old and I still do. I have a very young face and facial hair does not look attractive on me. On top of that I get acne like breakouts on my neck when I shave, and that has led to a few scars. It’s gotten so bad that I am afraid to shave, ever. I have adopted a very tiring facial care routine (exfoliating, washing, moisturizing, witch hazel application, antibiotic ointments), a special razor, and I shave in the shower. It doesn’t help. I tried electric razors, depilatory creams, and even waxing to no avail.

I too have somewhat pale skin and black facial hair. I am willing to try laser removal, but I honestly cannot afford it.


I got my beard lasered but had very poor results. Had about a dozen treatments over the course of 1.5-2 years. Main problem was patchy hair loss that looked bizarre. It’s been one year almost since my last treatment and the hair has been slowly returning to bald patches. Very fine at first then gets thicker and after many months some have returned to original thickness. I talked to some other men who had this problem when treating their beard. Would not recommend laser for the beard. It was a disaster.